Pretty bad week to be a Cowboys fan …

Tony Romo pinky

Consider the following:

• Cowboys lose a game in overtime to the Arizona Cardinals on a freakin’ blocked punt
• In said overtime, Tony Romo breaks a pinky and is out a month (although I predict he’ll be back in 3 weeks for the Giants game)
• Also in said overtime, our Pro Bowl punter, Mat McBriar, breaks his foot on said blocked punt and is out for the year
• Our potential Rookie of the Year running back, Felix Jones, tears a hamstring and is out a month
• We just learned that our starting cornerback, Pacman Jones, has been suspended indefinitely for getting beat up by his bodyguard.

It’s enough to make you want to cry. But I’m an optimist. Consider the following:
• The Cowboys are 4-2 and this week alone, the Giants lost to the Browns, the Redskins lost the Rams and the Eagles clawed back to 3-3 by edging the 49ers. We’re a game out of first with a lot of season left
• Dallas travels to St. Louis to play the Rams next week … a Rams team no longer hungry because they won an improbable game last week. 5-2 is very likely.
• The following week, our 40-year-old backup QB, Brad Johnson, faces the Bucs and a defense he’s all to familiar with … since he won a Super Bowl playing with the same team and the same coach. 6-2, even without Romo, is very likely.
• Dallas, before its bye week, takes on the Giants at home. The Giants looked very human in a big loss to Cleveland, but even if you want to mark this as a loss (even though I do believe Romo is back by then), Dallas is still 6-3 heading into a bye week and coming back with a healthy QB, a healthy Felix Jones and a new look on life.
• UPDATE: ALSO, we just traded for Lions’ game-breaking receiver Roy Williams … which should open up the passing game even more and take some pressure off Owens. Story here.

So don’t worry Cowboys fans. There’s hope.
Football, football, football


3 thoughts on “Pretty bad week to be a Cowboys fan …

  1. Yeah yeah, I’m playing a tiny violin for ‘Americas Team’ *wink*

    Poor Tony bwoke his wittle finger… maybe Jessica can kiss it and make it better. OK I’m sorry, now I’m just being mean 🙂 But a month? …where are the days that they used to just tape the pinky to the ring finger and kick them back onto the field?

    I broke my pinky finger smashed between two cinder blocks(the irony is that I threw the darned thing on my own finger! Perhaps not something to brag about… ah hem), and I still had to keep working….

    I swear these pro players are getting softer by the year… break their finger, or their leg in half, and they expect time off *sigh*

    That does seem like a game full of tough breaks for the team and its fans to be sure though(apologies, but you have to know that pun just couldn’t be passed up). But I’m sure they’ll work around these challenges though and do surprisingly well with other players on the roster. So keep your spirits up. Few teams are quite as well funded and staffed as the Cowboys I suspect.

    It might even prove to be interesting and entertaining for fans to see some of the other players show their stuff and mix-up the strategy of the Cowboy’s game versus the same-ole.

    At least their star QB isn’t out for the entire season after the first game. Now THAT’s bad luck.

    Go Steelers 🙂

  2. Aww, I was just kidding 🙂 The Cowboys and Romo have to put up with some jabs due to their celebrity status. It’s just part of the deal.

    ‘The guys’ are 100 times tougher on each others teams at the office… all in good fun though. *laugh*

    And one can pick on ‘my team’ any time. Heck, I don’t even know when they are playing half the time!

    You should have heard what I had to say following Ben Roethlisberger’s MC accident regarding not wearing a helmet, even having a MC license, or his ignoring Bradshaw’s and his coach’s advice. Equal opportunity picking ….that’s half the fun of sports 🙂


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