This is where I’ll be Friday-Sunday

I’m a mountain newby. In other words, I’ve never been.
Sure, I was born near them … grew up just a few miles from the West Virginia border in Stuebenville, Ohio. But I was gone for Texas by the time I turned 8 … and besides, Stuebenville is more “hilly” than moutnainy.

This weekend, my wife and I are making our first trip out west together since we moved to N.C. in February, 2007. We’re staying at a bed and breakfast north of Asheville, in Madison County. We’ll also be in the mountains during “peak” foliage season … something my wife has never experienced, having grown up in Louisiana. It’s a trip I had to book three months ago since this is the “busy” season out there. And yes, the B&B is pet-friendly, so the dogs will be joining us (because really, to us, having the dogs makes it more fun).

Below is a photo released Friday by the Associated Press of Grandfather Mountain, which won’t be too far from where we’re at. I’ll be sure to post tons of photos from the trip when I get back (and possibly a few by phone while we’re over there).


2 thoughts on “This is where I’ll be Friday-Sunday

  1. Billy keeps forgetting that he has promised to let me keep his phone while we’re there to avoid any work-related calls, messages or emails. But he promises to post photos upon our return!!

  2. the mountains of western NC are one of my favorite places in the world… I’m jealous!

    You really need to catch an App State game sometime; it’s a pretty awesome experience. 🙂

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