NFL picks Week 6

Ok … It’s the condensed version, as I’m in a car, on my phone and just an hour from gametime. So here we go …

Panthers @ Bucs
Billy: Bucs tougher at home, but Carolina’s hot. Panthers 24, Bucs 17
Jennifer: Panthers, yo

Rams @ Redskins
Billy: sigh, Redskins 29, Rams 24
Jennifer: Redskins

Bengals @ Jets
Billy: Bengals look decent, better than 0-5 … but still, Jets 33, Bengals 23
Jennifer: Go Jets, go Jets, go Jets … Jets

Raiders @ Saints
Billy: Jamarcus can suck it up in his home state … My suicide pick. Saints 35, Raiders 17
Jennifer: Saints

Dolphins @ Texans
Billy: yeesh, tough one. I say Texans get first win. Texans 28, Dolphins 24
Jennifer: Texans

Bears @ Falcons
Billy: Another roughy, Atlanta’s offense tough at home. Falcons 29, Bears 17
Jennifer: Bears

Lions @ Vikings
Billy: if Vikes lose, I quit. Vikings 28, Lions 14
Jennifer: Vikings

Ravens @ Colts
Billy: At what point will I just resign to the fact that Indy isn’t that great? Colts 23, Ravens 20
Jennifer: Colts

Jaguars @ Broncos
Billy: Denver looks human. Jags 30, Broncs 23
Jennifer: Broncos

Eagles @ 49ers
Billy: Eagles can’t lose this one or heads will roll. Eagles 40, 49ers 20
Jennifer: Eagles

Cowboys @ Cardinals
Billy: Cards passing game against Dallas defense scares hell outta me. Cowboys 38, Cardinals 32
Jennifer: Cowboys, reluctantly

Packers @ Seahawks
Billy: Pack struggling, but not as much as Seattle. Packers 27, Seahawks 20
Jennifer: Go Pack, Go Pack, Go Pack … Stupid effin Packers!

Chargers @ Patriots
Billy: Odd to say, Chargers just the better team. Chargers 26, Patriots 17
Jennifer: Patriots

Giants @ Browns
Billy: I need Giants to lose, but they won’t. Giants 28, Browns 23
Jennifer: Giants


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