Let’s get political

This is by far the busiest and most interesting time to be a journalist — especially one who covers politics on both the local and national stage.
It’s also interesting to be in a state considered a “battleground.” If all the Obama-McCain ads haven’t been enough to make you actually read a book, then you’re probably pretty excited about it, too.

The Herald will begin ramping up its election coverage Tuesday of next week. In addition to personal profiles for candidates for county commissioner, state representative and U.S. Congress, we’ll be publishing Q&As, publishing our endorsements, publishing local and national Republican and Democratic columnists and even trying to rig an election or two (just kidding, just kidding).

The following is our election coverage slate (all dates subject to change, of course).
Candidate profiles
Oct. 14 — Dan Mansell, Congress
Oct. 15 — Bob Etheridge, Congress
Oct. 16 — Linda Shook, State Representative
Oct. 17 — Jimmy Love Sr., State Representative
Oct. 18 — Amy Dalrymple, County Commissioner, District 2
Oct. 19 — Harry Undy, County Commissioner, District 2
Oct. 28 — Richard Hayes, County Commissioner, At-Large
Oct. 29 — Herb Hincks, County Commissioner, At-Large
Oct. 30 — Andre Knecht, County Commissioner, At-Large
Oct. 31 — Jerry Lemmond, County Commissioner, At-Large
Nov. 1 — Larry ‘Doc’ Oldham, County Commissioner, At-Large
Nov. 2 — Ed Paschal, County Commissioner, At-Large

Candidate Q&As
Oct. 21 — State Representative, District 51
Oct. 22 — District 18 State Senate
Oct. 23 — U.S. Congress — Etheridge, Mansell
Oct. 24 — Lee County Commissioner, 2nd District
Oct. 25 — Lee County Commissioner, At-Large

Herald’s Forum
Candidates in five local races are scheduled to appear at The Herald’s annual candidates forum, scheduled for Oct. 21.
The public is invited to attend the event, which begins with a reception at 6 p.m. at the Dennis A. Wicker Civic Center near CCCC. No tickets are required and there’s no charge for admission.
Scheduled to appear at the event:
• Congressman Bob Etheridge and his opponent, Dan Mansell, facing each other in the U. S. House of Representatives 2nd Congressional District race
• N. C. Rep. Jimmy Love Sr. and his opponent, Lee County Commissioner Linda Shook, facing each other in the N. C. House District 51 race
• Lee County Board of Commissioner candidates for three at-large seats, including incumbents Jerry Lemmond and Ed Paschal and challengers Richard Hayes, Herb Hincks and Dr. Andre Knecht. Candidate Larry “Doc” Oldham, who is recovering from heart surgery, has not yet confirmed his attendance.


One thought on “Let’s get political

  1. Why is Linda SWhook referred to as a Columnist ? I find no evidence of her being a Columnist of any kind unless you consider her ” Foot in the mouth” episode about Jimmy Love’s excused absences

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