Get to commentin’ …

I know I haven’t been amazingly steadfast in updating my blog lately, and thus, my comments have disappeared as well.
WELL, no more. They’s topics to be discussin’ (yes, I’m an editor).

• The Debate
Everybody’s saying Obama won last night because he didn’t mess up. Eh? Does that same logic apply to Sarah Palin?
I have enjoyed the first two presidential debates because you have two men who at least sound like they know what they’re talking about. Sure, it makes for less funny (i.e., the Bush-Kerry debates), but now’s not the time for funny. Besides, we have the vice presidents taking care of that.
I thought McCain won the debate last night. He called Obama out on his voting record and came off as having solutions. Obama, meanwhile, played it safe. You don’t win debates with “safe.”
Then again, he didn’t necessarily “lose” it, and to today’s media, that’s good enough, I suppose.

• 2nd Century
Should public money be spent to help fund a private project?
That’s the question being asked to local candidates heading into the election, as our local governments are being asked to contribute to the privately funded 2nd Century Project, which has spent a lot of money on research and developing a branding image for the City of Sanford and Lee County. The onus is now on the governments (if they want to keep the same “look” as their surrounding venues) to pay for the branding, ads and such.
Some candidates for commissioner have already expressed they would not support the project with public money. Some say they will.
What do you think?

Christmas in October
• Many stores, such as Walmart* and Lowe’s have put the Christmas decorations up already, hoping to get the holiday shopping season off to an early start.
Does this anger you? Frankly, I’m OK with it … it’s when people put their own lights up in early November that makes me angry.

Tis all for now, today’s Podcast of The Rant coming soon.


3 thoughts on “Get to commentin’ …

  1. Ok. I’ll start. I think your representation that Obama won the debate because he “didn’t mess up” is misleading. The McCain camp needed Obama to stumble or mess up in order to make up for some of the ground he’s lost in key battleground states. Obama didn’t. This election is in coming to an end and Obama’s lead in states like Ohio & PA is just getting bigger. McCain is not likely to win this election without one or both of those states and while OH is still categorized as a “toss-up”, PA is solid for Obama. Polls also show Obama looked more presidential while McCain acted more like a politician. Again, this is not good for McCain, my friends.

    In my opinion, neither candidate outperformed the other on any of the issues. They rehashed their stump speeches and offered no clear solutions on how to fix the mess with the economy. Neither candidate knew when to shut it and McCain showed a complete lack of respect when he referred to Obama as “that one”. Obama did attack McCain’s voting record on alternative fuels. However, just like McCain’s attack on Obama’s voting record on taxes, it was a misleading.

    In addition, think October is way too early to breakout the Christmas stuff. Enjoy the fall…I don’t know about you, but I would much rather look at the beautiful, natural autumn foliage than tacky man made Christmas decorations.

  2. Couldn’t have put it better myself Jeannie 🙂

    Regarding early Christmas, I really find it disturbing that Christmas continues to become more and more commercialized every year, relegating it to nothing more than a key fiscal event with which to measure retail performance. When I walked into Lowes last week to find them setting up Christmas trees, I made a point to mention to the kids how ridiculous it seems. We are two holidays and almost three months away for goodness sakes!

    I worked in discount retail for several years in the late 1980s, and even back then most retailers would at least wait until the day after Hallowe’en to start putting out the Christmas decorations…. and even then most everyone I knew thought that was too early. Heck, they just skipped Thanksgiving altogether! (Although I understand that Thanksgiving isn’t very retailer friendly, after all who puts up turkey lights? *laugh* )

    And when I was a kid, it seemed like the day after Thanksgiving was the first day that real decorations and other kitsch showed up on the shelves, so much so that I always felt bad for the workers that obviously had to work the night-shift on Thanksgiving to make that transformation happen.

    Now, just as during my years in retail, the transition seems to be creeping back ever earlier. Pretty soon we’ll have a real ‘Christmas in July’ ugh

    I can’t say for certain what the net effect of this ‘Christmas creep’ is on the general public, but I know that my experience working retail for 5 years almost ruined my feelings about Christmas for several years following. Honestly. After all the consumerism, false ‘cheer’, and stress that the Christmas we have learned to love had become, I became quite turned off. It had simply become a quid pro quo exercise in gift one-upmanship.

    But I would have to guess that beyond those on the ‘front lines’ of Christmas retail, people are people, and I bet that most become desensitized to what is fun and special about Christmas when they start seeing decorations and hearing carols two to three months ahead of the event. By the time Christmas gets there, they’ve had enough…. versus being excited. That’s sad.

    So in that sense, I do think that pushing the ‘celebration’ of Christmas earlier and earlier by retailers does the holiday a disservice.

    There ought to be a law 🙂 (Just kidding)

    Not kidding though, I wish we’d return to setting up Christmas the day after Thanksgiving. The Autumn weather is usually in full swing by then, leaves are falling, and people are just ‘in the mood’. It only makes sense.


  3. Go to and you will see that Sen. McCain distorted the facts on the voting records. Secondly I’m tired of the Bill Ayers situation Obama was 8 years old. That’s like you condemning me for being friends and college classmates with the son of a participate in the February 1960 Greensboro Woolworth Lunch Counter Sit-ins. I guess the McCain camp would classify all Black Americans as enemies of the state for knowing someone from the 60’s who had what you would call militant views and what we would call Pro-Black views. Our military would be awful week if that was the case. Speaking of military what happened to Sen. McCain and the unwritten military code that all graduates of military academies are guaranteed the rank of Colonel or Navy’s equivalent rank which is Captain if they keep their nose clean and had good commands?

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