Later, Chelsea …

The Herald says good-bye to Chelsea Kellner today … she’s heading off to Wilmington to become a big star at the Star News. We wish her luck, and we hope her apartment is open when we all need a free place to stay near the beach.
We’re just glad her final stories were at the Fair. It’s good to go out on a fun note.

The Rant
Don’t forget to listen from 8 to 9 a.m. tomorrow morning on 90.5 FM, WDCC, for yet another enthralling edition of The Rant. We’re still lining up our guest for Wednesday, but whoever it is, I’m sure he or she will be stunning or awful.

Ahhh, marriage
Anyone Hungry? author Lindsay Soebbing is now Lindsay Tipton, or Lindsay Tipton-Soebbing, or Lindsay Soebbing-Tipton, or Lindsay Lohan … whatever.
Congratulations, Lindsay.

15-minute Hamlet
The Lee Senior High School drama department has posted the 15-minute Hamlet on YouTube. Check it out, Shakespeare fans.
Click here for Part I
Click here for Part II

Pro wrestler from Sanford
I’m not sure if she’s from Sanford or lives in Sanford … but here’s information on Lita, A.K.A. Angelica Lita, A.K.A. Amy Dumas.


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