What a night

We’ve been told between 1,500 and 2,000 people packed Depot Park in downtown Sanford last night for the unveiling of Sanford’s new “look.” It seemed like more to me … I’ve only seen bigger crowds gather here for a few things — the Brick City Bowl, the Christmas Parade and the fair.
The atmosphere was definitely exciting, and for my wife and I … it really made us glad we chose to move to a community like this.
Quick background: Last night, the 2nd Century Project (a group of local private citizens interested in branding our area for business and residential growth) launched its campaign to a celebration that included live music, free food and lots of people. The Herald talked to several people who did not have a vested interest in the campaign, and they were extremely pleased. It seems everybody is excited that Sanford, Lee County, Broadway, etc. has a central image.
I compare it to when an NFL team or MLB squad reveals a new logo. It gets people excited … even though that logo won’t mean wins or losses (though it will help revenue). The difference here — Sanford’s new look WILL help wins and losses (figuratively speaking).

CLICK HERE to read The Herald’s report on last night’s festivities
CLICK HERE for background information on 2nd Century’s campaign, and
CLICK HERE for Second Century’s Web site (currently under construction trying to get the new stuff on).

And let me know what you thought of it all. Comments below. 10th comment gets an autographed podcast of the Rant.


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