Yes. Yes. Yes.

If I were the type to use Internet acronyms, you’d definitely be getting an OMG from me. Heck, I’d even throw out a ZOMG after trying Toaster Strudel — Boston Cream Pie for the first time this morning.
Jennifer rolled her eyes and looked at me like I was buying edible dirt when I threw them in the shopping cart Sunday, saying, “It will be like eating hot Boston Cream Pie.”
True, Boston Cream Pie is best served cold … but you can’t eat a frozen Toaster Strudel … can you.
So I toasted it, added the chocolate cream and took a bite …
It tasted like one of my other favorite breakfasts — chocolate eclairs (I’m going to die of a heart attack, aren’t I?)
So chalk this one down as a future “eat-until-I-get-sick-of-them” treats in my kitchen.


One thought on “Yes. Yes. Yes.

  1. At least you were there at the check out line. I’ve never been as embarrassed as I was once when the cashier looked at all the toaster strudels, Little Debbies, Boo Berry and Velveeta shells and cheese and said, “My kids would love it at your house.”

    Yes ma’am, they would. Right along with my 32-year-old husband.

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