Blog neglecting

I had planned to pen a response to the letter that appeared in today’s Herald from District 51 candidate Linda Shook about our coverage and editorial regarding the illegal immigration forum … but perhaps that can wait a day.

Today’s been one of those days where so much is happening, that by the time you look up, it’s 5 p.m. and you’re barely halfway done with what you’re doing. Unfortunately, I don’t get to go home at 5 p.m. … so I’m just going to take a five-minute break and tend to my poor, neglected blog.

So … what’s up, Sanford?


One thought on “Blog neglecting

  1. I think it is just ‘that time of year’ that everyone is starting to get busy with year-end projects, school events, and the coming holiday season. It comes up fast, and people quickly seem to run out of time starting in October through December it seems…

    A lot of blogs have been slowing down over the last month it seems.

    And with the coming election, I suspect that we’ll have feast and famine cycles of blog activity in early November too since everyone will want to cover the news, but will be very busy trying to actually do so 🙂


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