Gumbo weather

One of my favorite expressions from my stint in Louisiana was the term “gumbo weather.”
In Louisiana, “gumbo weather” meant the temperature dropped just low enough to make a hot bowl of gumbo (my personal favorite was the chicken and sausage … my wife prefers the seafood). If you’ve ever tried eating gumbo on a hot day, you know it’s just not the same.

gumboTrue Louisiana gumbo is dark, rich, and full of seasoning. If you are ever handed bowl of gumbo that looks more like chicken soup, chances are it’s not real gumbo. I’ve had gumbo with chicken necks in it, oysters in it and other things I probably wouldn’t eat otherwise … and it’s amazing. Couple it with a few scoops of white rice … damn, I just gone and made myself hungry.

I bring this up because after a few days of 90-plus temperatures, today it feels like gumbo weather. It’s stormy, a cold front has knocked the high down to about 72, and stepping outside at 1:34 p.m. … I was a little chilly. Of course, we didn’t get this kind of weather until mid-November in Louisiana, so this is kinda nice. One of my favorite parts of North Carolina so far is having a fall that actually begins in the fall (which is officially Sept. 21, by the way).

So now I’m wondering if Jennifer is going to make us some gumbo tonight … or at least have her mom express ship it here today.


4 thoughts on “Gumbo weather

  1. Also, if the recipe calls for a can of anything, it’s not real gumbo. For that fact, if you’re making it from a recipe, it’s not real gumbo. Real gumbo is made by your mom who learned to make it by watching her mom who learned to make it by watching hers and so on. And no Cajun family makes theirs like anyone else’s…there’s something different about every bowl of gumbo in every South Louisiana kitchen.

    Mom–send us some gumbo!!!!

  2. Yeah, I was just standing outside the office a little while ago with a colleague saying how nice it was to start getting some autumn-like weather. It’s my favorite time of the year.

    ….and I’ll add that along with the “can” and “recipe” rules, even within a family the gumbo can change. Historically, it is by definition made from just about whatever you had on hand 🙂

    I agree with Billy that some dishes, such as gumbo for instance, are the few places you’ll find me not thinking too hard about what it’s made from.

    One year I recall someone asking, “who got the lucky duck heart?” Heh.


  3. Gumbo does sound good right now. We had chicken gumbo a week or so ago and seafood gumbo a couple of days ago.

    The temps. 80 degrees plus, but gumbo is good anytime for me.

    Come home children and Mom will surely make you some GUMBO.

  4. Don’t forget if it doesn’t make your mouth sizzle, your ears pop and your nose run that’s not true Cajun.

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