New Web site …

There are still some kinks, but today (very quietly), the Sanford Herald’s Web site underwent a transformation.
Go to and you’ll find a site with more local stories, more photos, more up-to-date stories from around the state/nation/world and a few more things here and there.
It’s a start … ultimately, we want a site where we can add our own video and sound clips, but this is definitely an improvement over what we’ve had the past 5 years.

One drawback is you have to register to use it. It’s free after that … but the registration means you have to log on in the future. Be sure to click the “remember my username, password” button to prevent having to remember it every time.

Also, the site may look odd on Firefox browsers … I’m told that’s something we’re working on. You PC users out there should have few problems.


3 thoughts on “New Web site …

  1. OK — I always read the paper on-line every morning and then go to the paper edition after work only if there are parts that aren’t included on-line or I want to clip something. Even though there were a lot of – let’s just say “issues” – with the previous e-edition, I still liked it a lot better than some I have seen (the e-edition of my home town paper, for instance – YUCK!). So, needless to say, I have been wondering how the changes would enhance or hinder my morning ritual……

    I registered last night when I saw your blog and ran through the Sunday paper that was on there and then went to read Tuesday’s this morning.

    I LIKE IT!!!! The only things I didn’t particularly like are little nick-picky things that I’ll get used to and get over…..

    I like that you don’t have to click on each story you want to read – it is all there to read just like you would if the paper was in front of you. I don’t like, though, that I can’t expand it to full screen – it would be better if I could make it a little bigger by going to full screen – but don’t know if that is your design or if it is a Windows IE thing….

    I like that you can use the arrows to scroll through the page! But, I don’t like that it doesn’t remember from page to page that I selected the hand icon so that I could use the arrows for scrolling.

    The print is a little hard to read – unless you increase the zoom and, again, it doesn’t remember from page to page that I selected a larger print. But the fact that you can increase the view size is a really nice feature.

    So — I’m happy! I can continue my morning ritual and I think it has been enhanced!!! Now, if I can only select my preferences for scrolling and view size on page one and it will remember that’s the way I like it on each consecutive page, I’ll be in paper reader’s heaven! But…….it won’t take me long to get used to having to select those preferences as soon as I turn each page – I’m not THAT lazy!

    Good Job!

  2. Hmm… I have to register? There’s no privacy policy listed (or at least I can’t find it). How is the Herald going to use my registration information?

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