Another day, another dog

Thanks to The Herald’s Chelsea Kellner (who is doing a story for Sunday on Animal Control in Lee County), we discovered this puppy … whose time at the shelter was running out before Chelsea told me about him.
After about two seconds of convincing my wife we should adopt him, we called Carolina Animal Rescue and Adoption and have agreed to foster this 4-month-old golden retriever mix while CARA finds him a good home.
Of course, that could very well mean WE end up being that good home … but we’ll see. This is the second dog we’ve rescued in the past month … the first being a 1-year-old dog that had been hit by a car and was wandering around Sanford before he hopped in Jennifer’s car. We’re happy to report that dog has a great new mom and his own fenced-in yard just blocks away from us.
This one had been in the shelter for more than a week and was set to be euthanized.

Click over to Jennifer’s site later tonight to see how our dogs reacted to their new temporary brother. If you want more information on CARA and how to possibly adopt this pup, go to


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