Sulphur Springs on ESPN2 tonight

The town I grew up in will be on national television tonight, thanks to the glory that is Texas high school football.

ESPN2 will televise tonight’s game between the Sulphur Springs Wildcats and the Wichita Falls Rider Raiders in Sulphur Springs’ Gerald Prim Stadium (where I played football from sixth to ninth grade before transferring to nearby Como-Pickton my sophomore year). Back in the 90s, Sulphur Springs was always state ranked and usually played one or two playoff games in Texas Stadium, but never went all the way. After about a decade of struggle, it seems Sulphur Springs is back in the hunt … why they’re on national TV tonight, I have no idea … but hey, who am I to complain.

I’m sure today’s an exciting day back home … I hear the hotels are booked and the atmosphere is buzzing. I’ll be sure to tune in.


3 thoughts on “Sulphur Springs on ESPN2 tonight

  1. I am also a Sulphur Springs alum, and an graduate of the University of Texas @ Austin. When I was a student at SSHS we were in our struggling stage of making the playoffs (as the last team in) and getting crushed by the Highland Park Scots in the first round. I just wanted to say how proud I am of all the hard work and effort the boys have put in and how well they will represent the big SS tonight

  2. And what a game it was!

    Rider came out firing from all barrels of a Gatling Gun. Sulphur Springs couldn’t help but ttrip over themselves. Rider was like a spider spinning its web around its prey. Ah, but the heart wouldn’t quit!

    Time went on and as the 1st half’s end drew near Sulphur Springs drew blood, bringing the score to 10-7. It appeared that Sulphur Springs would actually take a lead into the locker room at half time when a break went the Wildcat’s way and Sulphur Springs quarterback Tyrik Rollison hurled a long pass toward #21 who was breaking a post pattern dividing 3 defenders. The pass was beautiful, but a slow trod on the a leg of the pattern prevented the reciever from getting to the ball, which had touchdown written all over it. Now, for Sulphur Springs to take a lead into the locker room would have seemed almost a felony by those of us there. We knew our team was getting a good whipping. But, the fat lady had not sung….

    The second half begins and Rider’s Raider football team shows its lack of cardio conditioning. Slowly, Sulphur Springs’ youthful endurance began to make a difference. Still Rider runners could cut through the Wildcat line at will; however, the Wildcat defense was slowly building momentum even as the Raider offense was losing momentum.

    Finally, as the fourth quarter began to wane the Wildcats strike on a lightning drive; but holy schnikes – the Wildcats leave 3:47 on the clock for the Raiders of Wichita Falls Rider to sneak in and take what surely belonged to them.

    Could they? Would they?

    No! The Wildcat defense rose to the occassion and ended it with an interception at the 1 foot line. A quick run for a yard or so put the game on ice!

    The Sleeper has awoken was all that one could think of. Or was it that the noticably smaller team with a noticably bigger heart had proved to the world what really mattered: love, never to quit, dedication, and determination to be in shape and follow the coach’s plan.

    Congratulations to the Wildcats of Sulphur Springs – a town I lived in for 5 years prior to this February! I didn’t grow up there and I have no ties there except a child who is a cheerleader. Nonetheless, I call it ‘my town’.


  3. Gosh I miss Texas…I went to school in Burkburnett and we played Wichita Falls all the time. Rivals..
    There is nothing like Texas high school football 🙂

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