Get your Rant on …

Podcast: Sept. 10 episode of The Rant

CLICK HERE FOR THE SHOW (click the play button)

Guest: Peggy Taphorn with the Temple Theatre, who talked about the Temple’s new season, “A Walk with Patsy Cline,” the Temple’s black box theater, Peggy’s Broadway experience, why she likes Sanford and much, much more.

We also yapped about:
• The future black hole that will wipe out Earth as we know it
• Letters to the editor concerning homosexuals
• The storm of the century: Hanna
• East Carolina Pirates bandwagoning
• The best headline music of all time
• The Johnston County sheriff debacle

And much, much more.

More information on Temple Theatre
Web site: or call (919) 774-4512 for information on upcoming shows and ticket packages.


One thought on “Get your Rant on …

  1. You’ve got a great intro on the Rant. If I didn’t know better, I would have thought you had channeled the spirit of Don LaFontaine who died September 1st.

    Great coverage on Hanna this week. Yeah, it turned out to be a wash, I think your coverage got into everyone’s mind about what could have happened, although thank goodness, it didn’t. Sometimes its better to over prepare, and over cover, than under-prepare (Micheal Brown, Ray Nagan…)

    Keep up the good work! Good job to the Rant posse too.

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