Wow, Phelps was a jerk …

Disclaimer: My, my … I don’t really think Phelps is a jerk. Also, there’s a middle finger in the video above … so if you don’t like that sort of thing, please don’t watch.

Disclaimer PART II: I’m sorry, I thought for certain everybody would have caught the “tongue in cheek” nature of this post and realized it was a joke. To make it more clear: It is a joke. I’m a huge Michael Phelps fan.


7 thoughts on “Wow, Phelps was a jerk …

  1. Please remove this “factual” video clip. It is a fabrication and should not be reported as NEWS. I expect better from the Sanford Herald.

    For instance: the lane markers are yellow and red between the 2 swimmers shown. At time marker 0:46 on the video clip, the lane markers show as blue and white.

    Also at time marker 0:18, you can see the Olympic logo for the swimming as well as the OMEGA time pad. It is not shown behind the swimmer at time marker 0:26.

    This is not worthy of the Sanford Herald and a bad name of you and the paper.

    Tommy Rose

  2. I got your joke.

    The first comment had me wondering if it was a joke, too, but I think he is serious. It’s kind of funny, though. The analysis to prove it was not a real video in comment 1 has me tickled.

  3. I got a kick out of the video. Not sure how someone could take it seriously, but we do live in a world where taekwando black belts kick referees in the head.

  4. I hope that poor guy in comment #1 hasn’t seen The Onion yet – he’d give himself carpal tunnel writing letters to the “editor” there.

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