The dog days?

It’s been a busy, busy Thursday for me … but I think I’d regret it if I didn’t mention the un-typically cool mid-August weather we’ve been having.
I wrote a few posts back how I’m getting ready for fall, and I’m even more psyched about it after the string of days with highs in the upper 70s, lower 80s and lows dipping into the 50s. Coming from Texas and Louisiana, where August was the absolute worst part of the year, it’s been a much welcome change.

North Carolina, you can add the August of 2008 as another reason I’m becoming a huge fan of yours.


3 thoughts on “The dog days?

  1. No doubt that this week’s weather has been fantastic.

    I’m very ‘warm natured’, and even coming from Texas, Florida, and Louisiana in my youth, I never really have been good with heat and humidity. So this cool weather has been a real relief for me.

    But I’m not yet sure how normal or abnormal this week’s temps have been, as we have only lived here for about 3 years. And the last two Augusts have been blazing!


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