Great trailers …

It seems just as important as a good movie these days is a great trailer. For some movies — see Dark Knight, Star Wars — the release of the film’s trailer is almost as hyped as the film itself (and in some cases, the trailer’s better).

Two movies have caught my eye with great trailers — The Watchmen and the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I’m familiar with Watchmen and I know the basic plot/idea, but unfortunately, I’ve not read the graphic novel. I’d like to before I see the film. As for Potter, I have read Books 6 and 7, and this movie (based on Book 6) looks every bit what I’d imagined while reading it. It’s a dark trailer, and I’m hoping the movie carries that same feel.

Below are the YouTube clips, but if you want to see them in HD, go to the film’s Web sites.




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