I … Love … Grilling

One of the birthday presents I got a few weeks back was a portable Weber grill … the little ones that are great for charcoal grilling for just the two of you.

So in the past three weeks, my wife and I have spent our Sunday evenings “staycationing” and grilling on the back porch.
Our menu:

July 13: Cheeseburgers, grilled corn on the cob
July 20: Thick marinated pork chops, grilled corn on the cob
July 27: Grilled salmon topped with a fruity salsa (not sure what kind), grilled asparagus

I’m the type of guy who counts down the days to fall, football and cooler weather, but if the fall means we have to eventually stop grilling on Sunday nights, I may want it to stay away for a while.
I’m sort of new to grilling, only because we never owned a grill. Up until October of last year, we’d only rented apartments or houses and were never in one place long enough to set up a backyard grill. Having the Weber now only makes us want to buy one of those grills larger than a truck … only we will probably never be able to justify a giant grill, budget wise, a man can dream.
I’ve requested that we do steaks Sunday. Have no idea what we’ll cook it with, but I’m sure it’ll be great. What’s even better about all of this is it’s so much cheaper than eating at a restaurant, and — sorry, Sanford chefs — we like our grilling better anyway.

As a matter of fact, if anybody wants to join us … come on out. Just bring your own grill. Like I said, ours is kinda small.


3 thoughts on “I … Love … Grilling

  1. Who says you have to stop grilling come fall? I remember my grandpa outside in the middle of December, with snow falling all around him, grilling steaks and pork chops and whatever he could get his hands on. Plus, it can give you a welcome taste of summer when you most need it.

  2. Very cool…. backyard grilling is always a great simple family activity and way to wind down at the house.

    The only drawback is when the temps are well over 90, then the heat and humidity in combination with a big fire under your nose can be a bit much… but it’s still fun 🙂


  3. Nice site, I love grilling myslef,, nothing wrong with grilling in the winter… I do it all the time,, rain, snow, hot, cold,,,,,, I just love grilling… try grilling fruits…..

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