Next Food Network Star

Well, she made it to the finals, and if you’re interested in watching, Lisa Garza will go for the title in tonight’s finale, which begins at 10 pm eastern on the Food Network.

In case you hadn’t read previous posts, Lisa was a high school classmate of mine at tiny old Como-Pickton High School in northeast Texas. I hadn’t heard from her since high school and a friend tipped me off that she was on this show.

Many of you got to know more about Lisa when she was a guest on our radio show, The Rant, back on July 9. She was very easy to chat with then, as she was in high school, but what may keep her from getting the crown tonight is her ability (or lack thereof) to come off as likeable on camera. The winner tonight gets a six-show contract with the Food Network, which could lead to bigger and better things.

I’m sorry I didn’t get to add photos or links to this, but I’m actually typing it from my phone… and now we’re about to wash the dogs … fun!!!

Good luck Lisa … and if you win, don’t forget us little people.


5 thoughts on “Next Food Network Star

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  2. Man, I wouldn’t want to be one of those judges! All three finalists NAILED it on the final challenge and were GREAT!!! I was sure Adam was going to win, though — only cause they all seemed to like his humor and stage presence. But Aaron will be a natural…… Too bad Lisa didn’t win, though —- she brings a nice touch to her point of view! The best solution for them AND the viewers would be to give them ALL their own show!

  3. All three were great, and deserve their own shows. But, Aaron was like a natural even though this was all new to him. I liked his energy better than the others. Congrats Aaron.

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