Dark Knight tonight

I know some of you attended the midnight screenings last night, but I’m catching “The Dark Knight” tonight in Raleigh. Once again, I had a little fun with the movie review design is today’s Herald. Click here for Neil Morris’ full review and click here to see what critics across the nation are saying about the new Batman (hint: most are loving it).


4 thoughts on “Dark Knight tonight

  1. I’m hoping we’ll be able to catch DK this weekend. I’m very excited about it. I sure wish they’d also do ‘The Dark Knight Returns’ by Frank Miller one day as well, and perhaps they will given his success with 300.

    On two related notes:

    1) Did you know that the director of the current Batman franchise, Christopher Nolan, also directed the fantastic indie ‘Memento’ some years back? If you haven’t had a chance to see this film, I highly recommend it.

    2) It is rumored that the Watchmen trailer is preceding some showings of DK. I also have high hopes, literally… HOPES… for Watchmen, as it really was a seminal graphic novel(originally 12 part mini-series) in style and content. It would be a crime(pun intended!) if it weren’t treated well. Alan Moore really came of age with Watchmen, and of course wrote ‘The Killing Joke’ graphic novel years later upon which this current iteration of the Joker is apparently inspired by. If you like Alan Moore, also go find old ‘Swamp Thing’ issues of his during the mid 1980s, and ‘V for Vendetta’ is fun too(which as an aside, I enjoyed as a film).

    The trailer for Watchmen looks great aesthetically BTW, and if one doesn’t want to wait for the surprise of its showing on the big screen, can be found here:


    Hopefully the screenplay and acting will come off as well too.

    I’m really happy to hear that another(like 300) ‘comic book’ movie is being so well received. It’s about time that this art form received its due beyond being simply lumped in with low-brow summer action flicks by default.


    A little quick info on Watchmen, and Alan Moore:


  2. Hey – where’s the creative movie review design for Mama Mia and Space Chimps??? They open this weekend, too, AND I bet there are a lot of people (or maybe just me) that would much prefer seeing a splash about them (or maybe just Mama Mia)!!! Where’s the equal opportunity here??? Why do only the big super hero movies get flashy designs in the Herald??? ha-ha-ha I have so much fun trying to rattle your chain………

  3. Kim,

    The question about Mama Mia is pretty appropriate as it turns out.

    Although I’ll readily admit to being an ABBA fan, particularly on vinyl(what else?!)…. even though ‘Mama Mia’ was a big hit on stage, I thought it surely must have been a stretch to concoct a unified storyline from a bunch of music not originally intended to be one coherent unit. That being said, it apparently could be done, given the huge success of the production!

    But what got my attention is that with all the ballyhoo about Dark Knight and it’s amazing opening weekend receipts, it might be easy to miss that ‘Mama Mia’ the film broke all records for a musical as well! Honestly, it did 🙂



    When it came to breaking box office records, Batman wasn’t flying solo. Universal’s Mamma Mia! earned $27.6 million to snare the best opening for a musical, narrowly beating out last summer’s Hairspray and helping propel the record weekend sales across the industry.


    To be fair, the Herald had ‘Mama Mia’ featured at the bottom of the Dark Knight spread shown above 🙂


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