Who loves ya, baby?

Gordon Anderson is going bald for a good cause on July 12.
He’s one of many participating in the annual St. Baldrick’s event, a head-shaving benefit that raises money for cancer research. Learn more about the event and how you can donate to the cause by going to Gordon’s site, here.
The above image is a rendering of what Gordon will look like bald, in the 70s and as star of a gritty crime drama.


One thought on “Who loves ya, baby?

  1. Heh, great album cover redo!

    Here’s a funny synopsis of Mr. Savala’s contribution to music history:


    And if one thinks that a TV celeb like Kojak making a really really bad record was a one time thing, well, just Google or YouTube Leonard Nimoy or William Shatner just to name a few!

    Fun stuff.

    Oh, and good going Gordon 🙂

    On that note: Locks of Love is another ‘hair related’ support organization. If one has longish hair, and wants a major trim, ask your stylist if they participate in Locks of Love and would be willing to donate your clippings to those that have lost their hair through cancer treatment and other diagnosis.

    More info here:




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