Best TV news slips

Newspapers aren’t the only ones that mess up. It’s only funnier on TV.


2 thoughts on “Best TV news slips

  1. Funny video, I often feel bad for newscasters broadcasting live, and they just get tongue tied, surprised, or as kids say ‘their giggle box gets turned over’ 🙂

    But it can make for a very entertaining news broadcast!

    What’s funny is that after watching this clip, I went to get something to eat and was watching TV, and CNN had some political commentary panel discussing the coming ‘Unity’ meeting between Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama. During that conversation, the term ‘money shot’ was used several times to indicate a prime or important PR opportunity this meeting offered to the candidates.

    Like featured in the clip, I guess that term has, welll… ‘morphed’ from the much more risque’ pop-culture definition. Yeah, ah hem…. I leave it at that.


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