A year of blogging

365 days
464 posts
90,183 site visits

My blog turned one this week, and I think it’s come a long way since my first few posts about the U.S. Women’s Open in Southern Pines. I’ve written about personal issues, movies, music, news, opinions and so many different random things that I could fill a book.
I want to thank all my readers and occasional visitors. I keep this thing fresh and updated for two reasons — 1) I love doing it and 2) I like the people who take part in it.

Here are a few interesting stats from my first year:

Site visits by month

June 598 • July 1,569 • August 2,265 • September 3,043 • October 6,785 • November 4,815 • December 4,311
January 8,451 • February 13,240 • March 12,735 • April 10,855 • May 12,961 • June (so far) 8,197

Top posts of all time
Sometimes, a post about a national topic will get picked up by a search engine and boom, my posts go way up.
1. American Idol: Billie Jean 4,074
2. Movie Reviews: Superbad, High School Musical 2,320
3. Dennis the Menace: I feel like Mr. Wilson 2,243
4. Ode to the Simpsons 1,547
5. Bill Parcells 11 QB Commandments 1,545
6. Lost Season 4 Finale: Frozen Donkey Wheel 1,404

Top Posts about local topics
1. A Sanford Celebrity: Dana Hamm
2. U.S. Women’s Open: Day 1
3. The 1950s: Racism in Papers
4. My nuclear power plant tour
5. Carolina Trace Clubhouse burns down

Top search terms
These are the top search engine words people have used to find my site. I’m so embarrassed by the top few.
1. High School Musical 2
2. Natalie Gulbis
3. Billy Liggett
4. Superbad
5. David Cook Billie Jean


3 thoughts on “A year of blogging

  1. Happy Blogday, Billy. Yours was the first in Sanford that I found. It spiked a small revolution of bloggers in the immediate area. I enjoy it a great deal.

    And in terms of finding my own site – after people searching for it directly from Google – yours is the highest referral. Thanks!

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