Temple’s 2008-2009 Schedule

Photo by Brooke Wolfe: Temple Theatre directors and officials discuss auditions that were held recently at the theater’s main stage.

So how about a post that doesn’t have to do with the radio.
The Temple Theatre recently announced its schedule for next season, and today, I received the fancy new brochure to prove it …

A Closer Walk with Patsy Cline
Aug. 28-Sept. 28
My wife’s a big Patsy Cline fan (she still has a cassette tape of her greatest hits somewhere in the house), though I never really got into it … I can appreciate “Crazy” and “Walkin After Midnight.”

High School Musical
Oct. 17-Nov. 9
It was bound to happen.
Actually, this is a genius move on the Temple’s part. If they can get the right cast to shine in this, I predict this show will A) sell out every night and B) be more than just the gray-haired travelers who usually pack the Temple. Nothing against the gray-haired travelers … I’m just sayin’.
Truth be told, I’d love to try out for Zac Efron’s part. He’s so dreamy.

Winter Wonderettes
Nov. 28-Dec. 21
The annual Christmas-themed show follows Betty, Jean, Cindy Lou, Suzy and Missy as they throw a rockin’ 60s holiday party. I think I dated half of those women.

Jan. 8-25
Murder most foul. I love a good ghost story, and Hamlet’s one of the best around. It’s nice to mix up some Shakespeare with Patsy, Disney and the Wonderettes.

Once on This Island
Feb. 5-22
I’m not familiar with this, but according to the brochure, it’s a Caribbean retelling of Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Little Mermaid.” I’m sure the set design and costumes for this will be a highlight.

Moonlight and Magnolias
March 12-29
A comedy about the men who tried to make Gone With the Wind a big screen reality. This one should be good.

Little Women
April 16-May 3
Who doesn’t know Little Women? I’m sure this will be another popular show … though I may skip out on this one to do, you know, man things.

Dames at Sea
A spoof of large, flashy 1930s musicals that follows Ruby, an aspiring chorus girl, as she arrives in New York with dreams of making it to Broadway. According to the brochure, hilarity ensues. That’s always a good thing.

Black Box Series
In addition to the main stage plays and musicals, The Temple’s Black Box stage is a more intimate setting, with seats surrounding the stage. This year’s shows include: Proof (Oct. 1-12), Way to Heaven (Feb. 25-March 8), Stones in his Pockets (Nov. 12-23) and Brecht on Brecht (May 6-17).

For more information on any of these shows, go to The Temple Theatre’s Web site.


4 thoughts on “Temple’s 2008-2009 Schedule

  1. Speaking of Patsy Cline, which if done well is a wonderful show, I actually saw that production in Dallas. Do you know who wrote the song “Crazy”?

  2. No it was Willie…And Patsy Cline was awesome. I lived in the town where they filmed the movie of her life. Jessica Lange played Patsy. I got hired to nanny her kid. It was a cool movie and the old clothes and such were so much fun.

    Love the temple theater…what a great place..


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