One show down …

I must admit, the first edition of “The Rant” began with a few nerves … but I think I shook them 5 minutes in, and you know what … I was actually very pleased with the first show.

But who cares what I think. I want to know if anybody else listened. Did we entertain? Would you listen again? I will be so sad if nobody comments here.

UPDATE: I should have the mp3 of the first show available Thursday. Thanks for everybody who’s been asking … and asking 😉


6 thoughts on “One show down …

  1. I caught the first 20 minutes, Billy. Then I had to get back to work! I thought you guys did a great job. You all sounded relaxed and like you were having a good time. I definitely think you should keep looking in to the call-in possibilities. That way if you say something crazy I can call in and freak out on the air.

    Good job!

  2. Unfortunately, I only heard the first 5 minutes before I had to go into work. So, that means I heard 3 minutes of intro and 2 minutes of talk. However, you sounded great!

    And, if you were nervous, it didn’t show…so I can only imagine it got better from there.

    Can’t wait to hear the taping.

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