So what do you do when your photographer brings you two photos that should be — deserve to be — a centerpiece photo on your front page?
You find a way to make it happen.
Typically, a front page is designed around what we “in the biz” call “main art.” It’s the photo that is either supposed to grab the reader or go with the story meant to grab the reader — make them want to read that centerpiece story or buy that paper.
I asked our photographer Brooke Wolfe to go hunting for “heat-related” photos Tuesday, knowing temperatures would soar to 100. I asked that already knowing graduation would be our main photo, but because it was an otherwise light news day, I needed more.
Well, instead of just finding a guy fanning himself or a construction worker sweating, she came back with three gems of a group of kids playing in downtown’s water fountain. The one I chose for the centerpiece, a kid doing a handstand, I think it award-material. But what do I know.
Add to that the great photos she got from graduation, and it made for a difficult design on today’s front page. So our front — which I think came out great — is photo-heavy today; but I don’t mind. They say a picture is worth a thousand words anyway.
If that’s the case, this was a very newsy front.


3 thoughts on “Photo-riffic

  1. You have a great photographer…Can’t wait to see tomorrows coverage of Lee Sr grad.
    Great job Brooke !!!

  2. For someone on her first “job” as a photography you guys are pretty blessed with Brooke. All I can say when I see some of her photos is, “Wow.”

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