Herald’s Memorial Day coverage

I’m excited and very pleased with what our talented staff of writers (and me) were able to do this Sunday for our Memorial Day package. We interviewed three living World War II veterans and the son of a veteran who died this past week for our Sunday Spotlight.
Links to the features are listed below, and a copy of the front page can be seen above. We’re all very much thankful for the men and women who have served our country and fought overseas. We hope people develop a better appreciation of what the WWII generation endured after reading our profiles.
Please direct any comments on the stories to me at bliggett@sanfordherald.com

Herald Memorial Day profiles
Skip Cupps
Rex McLeod
Jay Moore
John David Raines


2 thoughts on “Herald’s Memorial Day coverage

  1. Bravo on the Memorial Day coverage!!!! I enjoyed every word of it – the profiles, Doug Patten’s editorial, and your editorial. It all brought me to tears and warmed my heart! We all need to remember the REASON for Memorial Day – it is not just a Monday that we have off to kick off the summer barbeque season, it is a day of rememberance of those who gave so much and asked so little in return for themselves – a day to take time to mourn and decorate the final resting places of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice in return for our freedoms. It is very important that we all keep them in out thoughts throughout not only the day we now observe as Memorial Day, but also the REAL Memorial Day – May 30th.

  2. The profiles on four of our local heros was outstanding. I expect you experienced some difficulty in getting them to sit down to discuss their contributions. There are many more in our mist, but I expect they are equally as modest as those you were able to include in the Memorial Day edition. Those of us that were never called to serve cannot ever fully understand the extent of the sacrifices of those that did, but at least we can take the time to let them know we truely appreciate their sacrifice. May God bless all of them.

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