Dog Park review: Chapel Hill Dog Park

This is the second in a series of “reviews” of dog parks in our area. Sadly, Lee County is not home to a dog park — a park that allows dogs to run off leash — but it is within an hour’s driving distance of dozens of them.
Click here for my review of Martin Park in Southern Pines.


Location: Near the intersection of Homestead and Martin Luther King, about a mile north of UNC-Chapel Hill

The Rundown:
Chapel Hill’s dog park is surrounded by a concrete walking trail and several baseball and softball fields. There also seems to be a new civic center or library in construction nearby.
The dog park itself is two fenced-in areas, one for big dogs and one for little dogs. The “big dog” park has some trees and plenty of room for running. Both parks have mulch all over the ground, but there are still a few “muddy” areas after a rain.
My wife and I have driven up to this park twice now, both times so we could allow our bigger dog Miles to associate with dogs his size. Both times we went (during the lunch hours on the weekends), there were anywhere between 10-15 dog owners there and 15-20 dogs. The Chapel Hill park does have rules about aggressive dogs, but there was never anybody out there “officiating,” so it’s pretty much self-officiated by dog owners, as most parks are.
While there are better fenced in parks in the area — one near Lake Wheeler in Raleigh and Millbrook in Raleigh come to mind — this is a pretty well-maintained park, and it’s just a 30-40 minute drive from Sanford. Bring your own fetch toys and be careful around the gates (the entrance is near a road).

Pros: Large fenced-in area, sturdy fence, not a lot of mud, trees
Cons:: Mulch is kind of rough, small entrance (you need more room to take the leashes off, get the dog ready), not an entirely creative layout
Grade: *** (out of five)


One thought on “Dog Park review: Chapel Hill Dog Park

  1. I visited here several times, until I realized that many of the dog owners (1) have no sense of the difference between playful roughhousing and aggressive snarling – or don’t care, and (2) don’t ever walk their dog, and so bring wound-up, unstable animals to the dog park. After 3 of these incidents, I decided that this is a lousy, unsafe place for dogs.

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