Lost 4.9

Synopsis: “The shape of things to come” is the perfect title for this week’s Lost, which was well worth the wait after monthlong hiatus.
This week, we follow Ben during flash forwards where he mysteriously appears in the Sahara Desert and marches on to Tikrit to recruit Sayid, who’s just lost his wife. We understand, now, that Sayid is working for Ben because he’s been told Charles Widmore was responsible for the death of Sayid’s wife.
But the shocker of this episode involved the standoff with Ben, the captain of Widmore’s ship and Ben’s daughter. The captain orders Ben to come out and surrender, all while holding a gun to the back of Ben’s daughter’s head. Ben calls his bluff, and says there is no way he’ll come out.
So the captain shoots Ben’s daughter in the back of the head, point blank, killing the heck out of her.
“They’ve changed the rules,” says Ben.
The episode ends with a flash forward, and Ben showing up in Charles Widmore’s hotel room. As revenge for his daughter’s death, Ben vows to Widmore that he will hunt down his daughter, Penny, and kill her. Widmore vows to find the island. It’s like a game all of sudden. In other words, we finally see “the shape of things to come.”

My thoughts: The writers of Lost have brilliantly tied in one of the strongest “side stories” of this show — the love story of Desmond and his effort to reunite with his ex, Penelope Widmore (Penny) — in with the main plot of this show — the island. Lost fans have been holding their breath waiting for Desmond and Penny to find each other … thinking this would be one of the feel-good parts to this entire story arc.
Not so anymore. Now, you have Ben Linus, one of the meanest, cruelest, best characters in television history, vowing that he will stop at nothing to kill Penny.
It was a great plot twist, and it’s even further hooked me in (if that was possible).

From Lostpedia
• When the two men on horses find Ben in the desert, they speak to each other with no subtitles. One of the Bedouin points out how Ben does not have a trail. The other replies, “Where did this [guy] come from? Down from the sky?”
• Ben’s flashforward takes place in October 2005 – One year and one month after the crash of Oceanic Flight 815.
• Jack takes a pill, which he says he “prescribed for himself,” while Kate looks on suspiciously. This foreshadows Jack’s pill addiction and attempt to self-prescribe after he gets rescued.


One thought on “Lost 4.9

  1. If you go to wikipedia there are some signifigant things that happen on Oct 24.

    Great episode… not sure how claire lived through a rocket going through her house.

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