My, has he grown

I usually leave the Miles blogs to my wife, who has devoted a whole Web site to his canine shenanigans.
But I was cleaning off photos from my cell phone this morning and came across two photos of my dogs … the one on the right taken last week and the one on the left taken ONLY 3 MONTHS AGO. That’s right, our dog Miles (who is part Bernese mountain dog, part lab and we think part border collie) has gone from 11 pounds to 45 pounds in the three months we’ve had him. On May 1, we think he will be six months old (he is a rescued dog from CARA in Sanford), and he should be getting closer to what his permanent weight will be.
We were hoping for a giant dog … looks like we’re just getting a really good big dog instead.
The little dog in the picture is Honey, our 7-year-old wire-haired Jack Russell Terrier. She, of course, has not grown over the three months, though she has put on a little weight because she now guards her food bowl and only eats to keep Miles away from it.
Gotta love dogs.


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