In need of a hair cut

I have a full head of hair.
I know, that sounds a bit like bragging, but that’s not what my intention is here.
I have a full head of hair, and it grows like a weed. As I sit here on Tuesday, March 18, 2008, my hair is reaching over my eyes, and the back of my hair is quickly approaching “mullett” territory.
I have the opposite of male pattern baldness. The extreme opposite. The hair on my head grows at an incredible rate. And it doesn’t just “grow,” it gets thick … it gets curly … it’s borderline afro on particularly humid days.
I understand there are men out there who wish they had this “problem,” and if I had a choice, I’d rather have this “problem” over their’s.
There are a few problems that come from having a chia head. I work in a job where I’m supposed to be clean cut and professional looking. My hair right now is approaching the level of skater kid who doesn’t care about the world. I get mistaken for being too young to be a newspaper editor. Having skater hair doesn’t help.
The good news is I have a hair cut appointment for Thursday. The last time she cut my hair (less than a month ago), I made the mistake of saying, “Don’t go too short … I kind like a little length on the top). Problem is, that “little length” becomes “a lot of length” in a very short time.
There are a few pros to my current condition. I can make a mean mohawk in the shower with shampoo right now. That’s about it though.
Thursday, my problem will be gone .. at least for another three weeks.

Sidenote: I’ve officially run out of things to write about.


3 thoughts on “In need of a hair cut

  1. Now this is what I call investigative reporting!

    Mohawks in the shower! There’s more to this story…..

    I have the same hair, and nail(sorry if that is too much info!) “problem”. They grow like weeds ;p


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