Lost 4.7

Lost Ji Yeon

OK, so learning the Michael was Ben’s “insider” on the boat wasn’t the surprise. Finding out that Jin does not make it off the island alive (or doesn’t make it off the island … I’ll get to that later) was the shocker.
This episode was another strong one in what’s been Lost’s best season. The writing led us to believe in the “flash forwards” that while Sun was giving birth, Jin was searching for a panda bear to bring to the maternity ward. The “twist” was this: Sun’s delivery was a flash forward, while Jin finding the bear was a flashback. We learn this at the moment Jin brings the bear to the owner of a company his employer is trying to get in good graces with (the owner became a grandfather). He then tells the receptionist he’s only been married two months when she asks when he’ll have a child of his own.
Meanwhile, after Sun successfully delivers a daughter, Ji Yeon, she gets a visit from Hurley, and together, they visit Jin’s grave.
Now, the date on Jin’s grave is Sept. 24, 2004 … the date of Oceanic’s crash. This leads to a question:
• Is Jin really dead, or is his grave only there because all Oceanic “victims” (except the 6) were assumed dead. Never did Sun say he was dead. Maybe this was just her “way” to communicate with him. Maybe Jin sacrificed himself (by staying on the island) to get Sun off the island because of the danger she was in. Was she only crying because she didn’t know how to get back to him?
I don’t think this storyline is done.
As for the boat, again, it was no surprise that Michael’s the guy on the boat … but there is still doubt as to which side is “evil.”
The question is this: Does Charles Widmore REALLY want to exploit the island and get rid of everybody on it (hence the people running the tests, trying to exterminate Ben)? … OR
Does Charles Widmore really just want to hunt down Ben because Ben’s the evil one … the one who would stage a plane crash with 300-plus dead bodies to keep the island hidden?Michael being Ben’s “spy” doesn’t mean Michael’s evil. He’s more than likely still doing this for Walt, who I’m sure is still being tested (and still growing at a superhuman rate).
Great episode. Can’t wait for next week.

From Lostpedia:
• Several hints are given to underline the fact that Jin’s flashes are actually flashbacks:
The shopkeeper implies that the year in question is the year of the Dragon, and according to the Chinese calendar was 2000. This may suggest that Jin and Sun were married in that year.
Jin uses an old cellphone.
• Nikki’s death scene in her show, “Expose,” appears briefly on television in Sun’s flashforward.

My big question:
Who are the Oceanic 6?
Confirmed: Jack, Kate, Sayid, Hurley, Sun
Not confirmed: Aaron? Ben?


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