Lost 4.6

Lost Juliet

Season 4 is my favorite season to date, as every episode has been strong, and there’ve been more “ooooh” moments. Some may say episdode 4.6 didn’t have quite the “bang” others have had, but I disagree.
If you’re reading this, you probably watched the episode, and you don’t need me to break it down for you. Long story short, we learn more about Ben’s love for Juliet and what we’re probably seeing is Juliet gaining the survivors’ trust more (especially Jack) … and I fear her story will more than likely end up a tragic one. I hope that’s not the case. I like this character.
This week, Juliet is coaxed by her former therapist on the island … (or is she all in her mind?) to follow two of the “rescuers” to the Tempest station to kill them. When she gets there, she learns Charlotte and Daniel are really securing the island … making it so Ben can no longer release a poisonous gas.
Meanwhile, Ben convinces Locke that the person behind the freighter and the “rescuers” is Charles Widmore (Penelope’s father), and he wants the island for selfish reasons (don’t they all?) and will stop at nothing to find it an exploit it. This makes sense, and it’d be a reason the people on the boat are ordered not to take Penny’s call (we learn last week), and it’s why he spent a fortune on the Black Rock painting and diary that came with it. It’s also possibly why he sent Desmond across the world, in hopes he’d find it.
Ben also tells Locke who “his guy” on the boat is (we find out next week), and eventually, he gains Locke’s trust enough to be “set free.” Poor Locke.
There are two more episodes left in this first half of the season, and because of the strike, the show will take a monthlong hiatus and resume later this spring.

From Lostpedia:
• The Tempest: The name of the DHARMA station comes from the play written by William Shakespeare, which was first published in 1623. It tells the story of the sorcerer Prospero and his daughter Miranda, who are stranded on a mysterious desert island that has mystical properties.
• Ben asks if the rabbit Locke killed for dinner had a number on it, referring to the Orchid Orientation film and the rabbit with the number 8 he used to con Sawyer into thinking he had been implanted with a pacemaker.


5 thoughts on “Lost 4.6

  1. I don’t think Harper was real. She was either in Juliet’s mind (i.e. “the sickness”) or she was a manifestation (of Smoky? of the native?) just like Eko’s brother, Charlie’s hallucinations, Jack’s dad, Ben’s dead mother, etc. Harper definitely wasn’t the real deal.

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