Mmmmm, Slurm

Well, I may never get to try Cherry Chocolate Diet Dr Pepper, but that may not be so bad if I ever get to try Slurm, the yellow-ish soda derived from futuristic slugs.
SlurmActually, Slurm is the “drink of choice” in one of my favorite shows of all time, Futurama. Here’s the Wiki version:
“Slurm is a fictional soft drink in the Futurama universe. It is popular, highly addictive, and is Fry’s favorite beverage. It is ubiquitous in the show; Slurm delivery trucks and advertisements can be frequently spotted, including in the Futurama opening credits. The drink’s slogan is ‘It’s highly addictive!’ The distribution of Slurm is handled by the Bureau of Soft Drinks, Tobacco, and Firearms, a parody of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives”.
Turns out, “Slurm” is trademarked now and is rumored to be a future beverage for our time period.
If can’t wait.


One thought on “Mmmmm, Slurm

  1. Yum Slurm… urp

    And the “oompa loompa” type-guy(Grunka Lunkas) that help make… errr harvest Slurm are a hoot as well.


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