Don’t have much time today ….

And as to why, …. my lips are sealed.
I do have a few side notes for my lunch break …

• It’s always great to run a story about how somebody is ‘vulnerable’ in an election and then have that guy be the first person you run into at the Lee County Courthouse the next day. Luckily, Jimmy Love Sr.’s an extremely nice guy … or maybe he just hadn’t read the story yet.

• In doing research for today’s editorial on tornado safety, I discovered that from 1950 to 2003, Lee County has had only ONE reported tornado sighting. Can this possibly be true? Does this mean we’re due? There goes Will Ferrell’s theory that Sanford is home to so many great trailer parks (since they DO attract tornadoes, right?)

• I predict Hillary will win either Texas or Ohio tonight. For some reason, I think she’s picked up some momentum the past few weeks.


4 thoughts on “Don’t have much time today ….

  1. I’ve always said that Lee County is “protected” somehow! In the 23 years I’ve lived here, I’ve seen many storms just sorta bounce around Sanford/Lee County and hit all around us, but leave us alone!!! It is a strange phenomenon, but one that seems to be true!

  2. PLEASE don’t say we are due…knock on some wood RIGHT NOW!! The “T” word is my greatest fear. We have had 1 warning in 4 years (that I can remember) during business hours. It is NOT fun to have to cram 43 children plus staff into a tiny kitchen and 2 tiny bathrooms and keep said children happy and calm…heck, it is hard to keep ME calm knowing I am responsible for the safety of all those precious lives!

    Hope you enjoyed your cafeteria food today!

  3. I know what ya mean about running into folks who are freshly the subject of a sensitive story.

    I once trashed a traveling songwriter in a music review–I mean, he asked me to review it–and when his tour date and my town collided, he went on a hunt for my head.

    He found me right off the bat, having recognized my mugshot from the pages. His voice was jittery, his face crimson, and he held me in place while he explained the value of his music.

    Always nervous times.

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