A Sanford celebrity … for reals

UPDATE (Thursday, 10:45 a.m.): OK, so Dana Hamm really IS a celebrity with apparently many, many fans.
I had a whopping 21 comments to my post last night questioning her celebrity status. Dana herself even commented (or it could be a 47-year-old man claiming to be her … you never know these days).
Here’s her comment:
Hi Billy,
Just Googled my name and came across your blog. Periodically, I do this to make sure no one is improperly using my images or likeness. Anyway…I stumbled onto your page and just wanted to say “hi”. Yes, I was born in Sanford, and the rest of my family still lives there. In fact, I visit from time to time.
I have done several stories/interview with the Sanford Herald. They are also so generous and kind!!!
Well, if you ever want to ask me anything you now know where to find me

Well, next time she visits, I hope she drops by and lets us do a story. And I’ve also learned the lesson that any time I want my site visits to dramatically increase, I’ll just type “Dana Hamm” again.

My original post, Wednesday 4 p.m.
So according to Wikipedia, Sanford, N.C., was the birthplace of a famous model. I say she’s famous because I’m taking her word for it, but I’ve never heard of her.
Dana Hamm Dana Hamm was born in Sanford and got her degree from Campbell University. She even has her own site, www.danahamm.com.
Her Web site says she’s a mix of Angelina Jolie and Raquel Welch. I’m not saying I agree or disagree, but you can decide.
She has appeared in numerous body fitness magazines, and she seems to be a pretty popular Internet model. She also appeared on Jenny Jones a while back to give an “in your face” to a guy who picked on her for being skinny in high school. How about that.
I’m told The Herald did an article on her in 2006, but that was before my time, so this is all new to me.

Pictured: Hamm, I’m guessing, during flight school before her modeling career. Maybe?


81 thoughts on “A Sanford celebrity … for reals

  1. Hi Billy,
    Just Googled my name and came across your blog. Periodically, I do this to make sure no one is improperly using my images or likeness. Anyway…I stumbled onto your page and just wanted to say “hi”. Yes, I was born in Sanford, and the rest of my family still lives there. In fact, I visit from time to time.
    I have done several stories/interview with the Sanford Herald. They are also so generous and kind!!!
    Well, if you ever want to ask me anything you now know where to find me 🙂

  2. There are many Beautiful Women all over the World. Dana is above all of them. She is so Beautiful she is Dangerous to let out in Public for the distraction she could cause.

  3. Personally, I think Dana is a wonderful lady and a beautiful model! You should try emailing and visiting with her sometime. Or better yet, maybe you could interview her before the next article???

    She’s kind, sweet, positive, intelligent, and very motivated… attributes which everyone should display in their life.

  4. Dana is the best model around she has done alot GREAT work in what she does in her modeling career.

    She is also a very down to earth person and is kind to her friends. She has appeared in many magazines yes from Maxim, FHM, Femme Fatales. She is a hard working person and cares so much about the environment and animals.

    She is GREAT person inside and out. She is also a good person too. You also forgot to mention that she is also an actress, spokesmodel and model as stated on her website. I just thought you should know.

  5. Glad to see someone writing about the one and only Dana Hamm! I’m sure there would be folks interested in an update on your career (hint to the author) I mean really, no mention of Bonkee the wonder dog at all. ha ha Maybe some folks will look you up on MySpace also. Glad I saw this. 🙂

  6. I read the brief article you wrote concerning Dana Hamm. I have recently had the incredible good fortune of becoming better acquainted with Ms. Hamm and through conversations and online messages, I have found her to be one of the most sincere, sweetest, most thoughtful and most generous people I have ever met. Her schedule keeps her incredibly busy, however, she still finds the time for personal contact with her devoted fans. Ms. Hamm is absolutely breath-taking and it is obvious that she is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. i applaud you for selecting Ms. Hamm as the focus for your brief article as she will always be worthy of your attention.

  7. I’ve known Dana for some time now through myspace as a friend, and she is one of the Sweetest ladies you can ever meet/know. Aside from her drop dead Gorgeous looks,she is a total Sweetheart and a hard working model. if you havnt heard of her yet..it’s only a matter of a short time before you will,because this lady is destined for great things in the future,aside from her fantastic modelling portfolio,I can see Dana becoming very successful in a film career if she ever decides to choose that route. So Keep an eye on this beautiful lady,because she just may become the next big star to hit the screen near you soon. I’m very proud to know her and call her my friend !! .

  8. ….and on a brighter note…any kind of publicity is good. People only talk about you whenever your interesting enough to talk about….


  9. Dana is beautiful, and a popular model on the internet…her pictures are amazing, and she has a very unique look, and she is gorgeous…..All models take pictures in all types of clothes and “costumes” to give agents an idea of what they may look like in certain roles….


    Jenny Lee

  10. HI Billy Liggett,
    I just came across your blog, that you wrote about the famous model , writer and business woman Dana Hamm, and decided to write a comment. I have known Dana from her work, as an US and international model and writer as well. Her beautiful, appearance , doesn’t need any comment. /she got that perfect genetic mix /. you mentioned that those photos on her page not for 13 y old., well, I think in this computer world where even the 13 years old have an access to the internet unfortunately they are beyond Dannas photos..They are calendar style photos . She does beautiful work, and she is a talented makeup artist too and I didn’t mention her nice personality…I’m glad that you wrote the blog.
    According to your writing you must be a talented editor , I’m sure you are an assets to Sanford Herald.
    Rick zoltan

  11. Dana Hamm is beautiful beyond the imagination. Her website is elegant yet sexy. It’s hard to beleive that people didn’t see her beauty as a youngster because it goes far deeper than the outer beauty that strikes us so.

  12. I think Dana Hamm is just gorgeous, inside and out!!! She definitely looks like Angelina Jolie. She’s smoldering sexiness with eyes you want to jump into.

    As far as your picture comment regarding “flight school”, I think it’s a sexy and beautiful picture. It’s showing you that she can look good in ANYTHING! It’s not easy looking THAT hot in a pilots uniform! I’m sure not too many women could pull it off.


  13. Dana Hamm actually IS quite famous. Aside from being featured in more magazine photo layouts than any other fitness model to date, her posters and products are sold nationwide in literally thousands of stores. You can find her image in those stores next to popular celebs like Angelina Jolie, Britney Spears, Pam Anderson, and Carmen Electra. The way I see it, when you have a poster and calendar sold featuring your image, and they actually sell, you’re pretty much famous. She also has over 25,000 friends on Myspace, of which I’m sure a majority sent her the friend request.

    Personally, I think she’s one of the most beautiful women in the world. Sanford should be proud… very proud.



  14. Well, what can one say about this insert about Dana Hamm. For one thing, the “reporter” dont know anything about the subject, so how can he write about it? Dana is all that and more…

    Next time, some proper research is needed to make an interesting article.


  15. ….sort of? I wouldn’t consider her “sort of” famous, unless Supermodels aren’t your thing. You left out being featured in Maxim and she was the official swimsuit cover girl for the 2004 Cannes Film Festival. Not to mention she’s probably the most sought after wildlife/nature model in the industry today. When I googled Dana Hamm I got over 60 hits, (I actually got tired of counting) Did I mention down to earth, Dana has over 25,000 fans on MySpace, and takes a huge amount of personal time answering emails, comments etc. From a fans point of view, she’s my favorite Supermodel of all time, not because of her stunning beauty, but because she doesn’t keep her fans at arms length, as a matter of fact I consider her a friend, with the girl next door personality.

  16. A very well start for someone who is new. Dana, is a beautiful person and yes very popular with a lot of the public. If I may add to the readers; Dana not only is a model:
    Sometimes; people let the carrer of an individual stand in the way of who the person truly is. Dana is a very loving woman; who in my time of knowing her has never let her stanza stand in the way of being a person with soft gentle heart and caring for the world around her. She is strong for animal rights and as well remains concerned with love for her family and friends.
    I can honestly say, I don’t believe I have ever met anyone quite like Dana. She is real with herself and very encouraging to others who may need a lift.
    There is so much more that could be said for/about Dana but in order for one to really appreciate who she is, they should take a look at her profession as a model. After knowing Dana for the past several years, I have learned that modeling is more than just a carrer with her but more of an art.

  17. Dana Hamm is a different kind of model. She does not aspire to do Playboy or any other type of nude modeling. Check her site and you will find that she isn’t just beautiful, but also extremely smart and moral. She is a marketer, a businesswoman and a very successful model (especially fitness and health). She is a very compassionate person who models often with animals. She is very anti-fur. She is someone that Sanford should feel extremely proud of! I am proud to call her my friend

  18. dear mr. liggett,
    this woman you are writing about is an angel !!!! she is popular in every state in the union and probably the world!!!! she does not do any type of nudity photography.. she is a animal lover, always helping people, and does not look down upon anybody as being better than her!!!she is down to earth and thoughtful!!! you know how your jack russell can judge people and he’s usually correct i have 2 i know he / she would run right up to her and love her all over!!!!SHE IS A MOST DEFINATLY A CELEBRITY IN A DIFFERENT WORLD THAN YOURS!!! PLEASE DO NOT TRY TO HARM THIS WOMANS WARM BEUTIFUL HEART…………..!!!!!!! THANKS KEN KUKOWSKI

  19. Billy…you have to realize that celebrity status is relative. Here’s my example:

    Everyone knows who Britney Spears is, but when the media made an announcement regarding her sister Jamie Lynn being pregnant, I was completely unaware that she had a show, as well.

    I was railing to everyone,”What the heck is this crap? She’s just her sister, and that merits a news article?”

    If you were a fashion blogger, I’ve no doubt you would’ve heard of her…she is a smokin’ hot babe, as you now well know.

  20. Dana Hamm is AMAZING! She’s the #1 fitness model.She looks like Angelina Jolie, a brat doll,and Brigette Bardot all rolled in one.She’s a real sweet girla nd super sexy.

  21. Just a quick note on Dana. Dana is probably the sweetest, most “down-to-earth” celebrity-type person you could ever hope to meet. Her career accomplishments are very well known, and really need no justification. Although most of us know her mainly from online situations, she takes the time to talk with her fans and really cares about people in general.
    Maybe a better topic for you to write about would be that Sanford has one of the hottest, sweetest, most sincere models you could ever have the pleasure of meeting. Your town should be proud of her and her accomplishments!

  22. I am raising an eyebrow at all of these “comments.” It is pretty interesting that all of these people happened to be commenting on this thread at 4:00 AM to 6:00 AM+ in the morning. And almost all of them happen to be linking from a “my space” account. The rest have no link at all. What, did she email all of her friends and ask them to come and comment in the middle of the night?

    Do you know all of these people, Billy? And what is YOUR myspce.com page, little mister?

    • Totally agree … she is commenting for herself!!! LOL. Total psycho!!! FIND SOMETHING MORE INTERESTING TO TALK ABOUT THAN THIS TRANSSEXUAL. PLUUUEASSE. This chicka is a wannabe photo shopped Internet whore. Nothing more . Shall we move on now please . Thanks , Ken Klack

  23. I can understand the thoughts in your original blog. There are many attractive women in the world. What makes “Dana Hamm” any different than the dime a dozen models out there.

    She IS different and deserving of praise and admiration.

    She is an excellent role model for younger models. She is all natural (no cosmetic surgery) and has set her limits and is sticking with them. Her or her ideals/beliefs are not for sale.

    She has an astounding work ethic and couldn’t be more friendly and accessible to all her fans.

    So an extremely hard working, talented, naturally beautiful internationally recognized model is from your hometown?

    And on top of that she is very business savvy and down to earth.

    Yes, I can certainly see why you would question if this association is positive or not. (sarcasm off)

  24. A response to Mr. Skeptic:

    I don’t have a Myspace page, but I checked into it, and Dana posted my comment on her Myspace page, which resulted in the plethora of comments I’ve since received.

    And “little mister”? What the hell’s that mean?

  25. I know Dana personally. I worked in the same office building as her family. She is the sweetest, and yes…she is famous, and yes….it was really her that posted the comment on here! She is a sweetie, just thought I would leave my 2 cents!

    • You apparently DO NOT KNOW THE REAL.DANA. SHE HAS A VERY DARK EVIL SIDE TO HER. thedirty.com/loribarbour. She submitted her sweet beautiful sister out of jealousy. You do not know this witch.

  26. Dana Hamm is famous indeed. She might not be a household name (yet), but she is for sure getting there fast. She’s made a huge impact on myspace. It’s very common for people to refer to her as the most beautiful women in the world.

  27. Ha! Ms. Skeptic is not his wife…I asked him about the subject in person, not in a radom post. And you know me, Gordon. I use my name when I give him jabs!!!

  28. Dana is one of those girls who was born to be famous. She will always have a big following. She’s infectious. I’ve never seen another woman with her exactly looks (except for Angelina Jolie), which Dana does resemble, but Dana is an even prettier version of Angelina Jolie (a healthy version). The terrific thing about our Dana is that she doesn’t act like most famous people. She has a girl next door personality. She never neglects us.
    Dana has a growing Lesbian and Bi-Sexual fan base. And although Dana is straight she does not treat anyone bad. She makes everyone feel special and accepted.

  29. Her Jenny Jones appearence was before your time and yet, you claim to be 31?……..Jenny Jones wasn’t exactly during the 1800’s and Dana is hardly that old to begin with. Apparently the “facts checkers” that are affiliated with this newspaper are about the same quality of those that worked at CBS during the time that the Killian documents surfaced about George W. Bush. Who does your article research for you? Dan Rather ????? (Seeing how you are trying to claim that Dana is not as famous as she REALLY is……)

  30. sooo i dont really understand how you can call yourself apart of a news paper because to me this article sounds like its from some stupid magazine that like to put down celebrities out of your own jelousy.i mean i wouldnt nessassaraly call her a celebrity cuz i just came upon her on myspace so idk how well known she is. it’s like like i go out and buy magazines like FHM and whatnot. im more into cosmo and vogue… but anyways. i just want you to know that i didnt see one point out of your article that was worth any recognition. she’s beautiful and a successful model. sorry your life sucks. k thanks bye.

  31. lol it’s not* like. ha made alot of freakin errors in that thing.
    ha btw im 17 sooo it’s not like im some retarded adult. just a teenager 🙂

  32. I read your article about Dana with great interest as I have been a fan of hers for quite some time. one thing you failed to mention was that is one of the most stunning and generous people you will ever meet. The size of her heart is matched only by her true beauty. Please let her fans know when you write more about her as she is certainly worthy of being the focus of any article.

  33. Billy, you call yourself a newspaper editer? But with the articles you write or print out, do you do any research on the people you write about? Or do just write about random crap!! Im a 27 yr old Marine corps veteran from California and I knew about her since i was 18, so for about 9 yrs I have seen her grace her beauty on many covers and layouts on Musclemag and Muscular Development. There is in fact many artists that have drew her including myself, and yes there is a resemblence of Angelina Jolie and Raquel Welch, what are you blind?? One last thing that piture you have of her with pilot goggles, you wrote “Hamm, I’m guessing, during flight school before her modeling career. Maybe?” Now correct me if im wrong but do you think they still wear those open cockpit aviation goggles in flight school??..Im guessing NO I think they teach them in computer simulated training programs, unless she was privately trained in a P-40 or something. So keep up the good work, and make sure you do a little work and do some research on a person,..I mean the internet does wonders only if you “click it”

  34. Hi Billy,

    If you haven’t heard of Dana Hamm, then you are clearly missing out! If you had researched enough for your blog, you would know that she has thousands of Friends and Fans around the world and is a very popular Model on MySpace! She is an extremely beautiful women and certainly one of the most beautiful women on the planet and looks amazing in whatever she wears! What stands her apart from most Models is the way she is down to earth with people, kind and considerate and very loving! She works extremely hard at her career and everything she does in life and is dedicated to Animals and Nature! She would make an awesome spokeswoman for Wildlife, as she cares about such things, as the enviroment and is totally against animal cruety. To be fair to Dana, you should set her some questions and allow her to answer them. Then you’ll get to know the real Dana, who in my opinion is very famous indeed! Regards, Paul.

  35. Well, like I keep trying to tell her, she is more of a mix between Angelina Jolie and Adriana Lima. Such an exotic look for a small town Carolina girl. She does have tons of well deserved fans. I personally adore her greatly.

    That is the real Dana Hamm that contacted you and not a “47-year-old man claiming to be her”.

  36. dana hamm IS a celeb and a friendlyone at that besids being a gorgeous woman she is also good at replying to emails
    and has manytimes to me a complete stranger(but then i dont send any i want sex emails her way its go0od to know that some pelpe have tehir feet on the ground and i wish her more success in her career and whatever she does. its more than likely dana emalin you i google my name from time to time to see the posts baout me and my 30 years as a rockn roll underground celeb
    dana posted this in myspace so took a look…
    you should be proud to have such a fine example coming for your hometown but it appears as if you dont believe or something in your article or something.. like portland orego where i live… only after youve made it huge does anyone support you, like our old drummer who is now with journey
    now everyone wants to be his friend – before he was just an overwiehght guy who happened to play incredible drums…

  37. Personally your journalistic skills are questionable. You yourself say she has appeared in several fitness magazines, appears to be popular internet model and has appeared on jenny jones. However despite that you doubt if she may or may not be famous. Well you say you work for the Herald and that your a Newspaper Editor. All facts that I could easily validate if i doubted you. Just as before you started saying something about Ms. Hamm maybe you being a Editor and all should have investigated properly. You did a great injustice not only to you, but your proffession and Ms. Hamm.

  38. by the way “ms. skeptic” not everyone on here is from myspace…..some of us actually know dana and have seen what a true delight she is in person…..her whole family is a bunch of sweethearts and the reason everyone posts about her is no one has ever said a harsh or mean word about Dana because of how truley honest and genuine she is. And by the way….some people work midnight shifts and have other reasons for being awake late at night to the early morning, dont just assume that people who blog or post at 3 in the morning have no life, most likely they were at work at 2 in the morning…so maybe you should think about that before taking jabs at individuals…….

  39. I ‘m retired early, from the newspaper industry, I’ve run newspaper presses since 1980,San Jose Mercury News,Wall st journal. Sacramento Bee, Roseville Press tribune, San Mateo Times…..I worked on the folders, the ink, the rolls of paper, It was My job to Make it look good,No matter What was written or By Who, I have allways had to stick up for Myself in public because of misinformed Writers ,Shallow Writers, and once again, I ran the presses, not the pencils. and when You Know both sides to a storie it’s awful hard to believe anything that is written. You should be Blessed that Dana is from Your home town! Do Your investigating, research, KNOW the stories, It looked like this was based on 1 pic and one comment from a co-worker, KNOW YOUR SHIT!!! THEN SUBMIT!

  40. Dana Hamm is a gift from God!!! I remember this one time when she saved this basket of drowning puppies, all while on a photo shoot for Revlon. And she used to help me with my math homework at Lee Sr.!

    None of that is true. I have never met her, though I am impressed with her. Apparently, she owned the house Gordon and I rented on Vance St. a few months ago, so I guess I have indirectly contributed to at least a small part of her success with those $900 a month rent payments…

  41. Oh please all you myspace people – a sweet, wholesome woman does not pose for those kind of shots. Nor does she make videos that can not be sold at Walmart. She is hot yes. But leave it at that.

    And boy does she have a loyal fan base. Delusional and warped – but dang loyal.

    Let’s hope Sanford can create someone famous that our kids can look up to – not sneak and look at on the computer.

  42. I love Dana Hamm. How could anyone from her own home town not adore this girl? Maybe I’m a nutso from Cali, but if I lived in a tiny Bible-belt town and could call someone like Dana a resident I would be so proud. She is like a legend to many for her uncannied beauty. The first time I saw her pics Angelina Jolie came to mind, but Dana has her own unique style and doesn’t have tattoos. She has a passion for animals and is not afraid to speak out against wearing fur (and her other beliefs).

    • This tramp is an ATTENTION WHORE. Fake and definitely not famous. Just an old wanna be. Washed out 40 year old jealous of her beautiful sister Lori. That’s the one people should be praising, not this scam artist that lives on Photoshop life support.

  43. Sheesh. Judging by the comments here you would have thought Billy wrote a scathing column on Dana when all he was doing was saying, “Hey, someone “relatively” famous from Sanford! I just discovered her!” Just like Billy I have only been here a short time and it is news to me, too.

    BTW – I liked Tammy Hebert’s post #49.

    And Ed (#50), you mean Sybil, the movie from the 70’s? LOL

    I watched the Dana Hamm/Jenny Jones clip. The slow southern drawl just didn’t match the body. It almost sounded like Anna Nicole Smith, but much skinnier.

  44. I think Dana could very well be a good role model for kids. I mean look at who the role models are now. We allow our kids to overdose on Hannah Montana and High School Muscial, yet those stars are probably in the process of making sexy tapes and packing for rehab. Hannah Montana is leaking her bra and panty shots out on the web AND SHE’S ONLY 15! At least Dana Hamm is well of age to be posing sexy. The way I see it is Dana could have taken her racy pictures a lot farther than she has. It looks to me like she’s drawn a line and not crossed. Look at her it’s clear she could have owned Playboy by now.

  45. Absolutley GORGEOUS…and beyond comparison to anyone else out there. The perfect example of BEAUTY & BRAINS…definitely a work of art.

  46. I’ve seen Dana and her sister Lori around Sanford for years. I don’t know them well, but I have waited on them at restaurants and department store. They seem to be down to earth girls. They are sometimes silly. They don’t act all high and mighty. Years ago they both appeared on the front page of the Sanford Herald. It made a splash, because they were hardly dressed. If I’m not mistaking I think Dana wore a tight pair of men’s underwear. It was hard to tell until you looked close. Some people did not like them on the front page , but others liked it a lot. Men loved it. They are sweet and likeable enough.

  47. Dana is a GODDESS. Seriously. She is better looking than anyone on the planet. I mean ANYONE. Look at her. Perfect features. In everyway. If she were side by side next to Angelina Jolie- she would CRUSH her. Every man would choose her over anyone. Besides the fact that she is the most beautiful woman in the world. She is deep- compassionate. Moving. Read her blogs. They are not empty. She is not a ditzy myspacer. She is trult ALL WOMAN. In every way. I would do anything for her and we’ve never even met. I believe she will one day be at the right place and the right time and sky rocket into fame. Then this lilttle webpage will be overwhelmed with hits in search of the Queen. Dana is GOD!

  48. One look at Dana will prove that operfection actually exists in the world. I feel what makes her even more amazing is that she is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. I applaud your brief article on Dana, however, I suggest a much longer article to completely do her beauty & personality the justice it deserves.

  49. Danna is brilliant inside and out! Honestly I have never seen a more beautiful person she is perfection to a T. I adore and love her so very deeply. We have become close friends and she is incredible and the most caring individual on this earth. I love her alot! She is bright and capable of many things, very talanted in her so many ways!! From writing to modeling to acting!! She is very creative too~ an exceptional human being. The world needs more Danna’s.. She blows the socks off of any celeb in this day and age and maybe even the classics too! She is one of a kind. She is also a very kind spirit. God bless her and I wish her all the bist in life! She works hard and deserves it all!
    xoxox with love,
    Alexis Vogel

  50. Not only is she famous, but this very intelligent young ladie also is very Gorgeous, from the top of her head, to the tips of her toes! She is also very respectfull and friendly to ALL of her admiring fans! Not only that, but she actually tries to personally read and respond to her many fans emails! Who else does that? We all Luv her and admire all of her many accomplishments! Oh yes, can I get a bag of chips with that! Gary Brazel, Dana Fan.

  51. OK, having your own porn site hardly makes someone a celebrity. If that was the case 10,000 teen girls become celebs each year. And if I ever have to pay to see someone naked I’ll make sure they are a lot better looking then her!

  52. Is she still married to Jerry Hamm? Her name was Dana Barbour when we went to school and I remember when she married Jerry. She was a year behind me in school so she graduated in ’92.

    • Lisa, no he threw her out because she committing adultery with some photographer name Scott. Scott is a photographer of porn. He’s just another ordinary pervert.

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