Wednesday roundup

Sorry, I’ve been in Durham all day, so I have again neglected by blog duties. So here’s a roundup of everything going on with me.

Proud of my old high school
You’ve never heard of Como-Pickton High School in northeast Texas, but that’s OK. That’s where I graduated from, and it’s where I have a ton of great memories.
Well, the small school with 200-plus high school students (80 percent of which are in agriculture) made the local news this week when its superintendent was arrested on forgery charges.
From the article in the Sulphur Springs News-Telegram:
“The district attorney’s office this week released details of 35 forgery charges and two indictments for false statement to obtain property or credit against Bryan Christopher Neal, former superintendent of Como-Pickton Consolidated Independent School District. Neal resigned as superintendent in January of 2007 after allegations surfaced that he had misused district funds.
Meanwhile, Como-Pickton Band Booster Club President Jed Anthony Shadix was arrested Friday evening by sheriff’s investigators after confessing to theft of more than $10,000 in club money over an eight-month period.”
Click here for the full story

American Idol
Yes, I watch the show. Shut up.
Anyway, after watching the 12 guys perform last night, I’ve already decided only three have a chance.
* Jason Castro of Rockwall, Tx.: He looks like a cross between John Travolta and Bob Marley. He’s also got the best voice.
* Michael Johns of Buckhead, Ga.: He’s the best of the rocker wanna-be’s. Not bad.
* David Archuleta of Murray, UT: He’s got the teeny-bopper thing going for him, plus he’s actually talented.
The rest kind of stink so far. Sorry.

• Word Jumble
It’s coming back in Thursday’s Herald. You’ll find it on our entertainment/features page, next to Sudoku. When we got Dennis back, we had to temporarily put the Jumble aside to find a place for it. I’m sorry it took two days.
I really am.
You can, however, find today’s Jumble at our Publisher Bill Horner III’s blog, by clicking here.

• The Q Shack
I ate lunch in Durham today at a barbecue place called The Q Shack. Nothing against barbecue in Sanford, but this place kicked pork butt (which, incidentally, is what I had). The sauce (non vinegar) was spicy in a good way, and if I had any knock on it, it was a bit salty. Still, great. And the huspuppies and mac-n-cheese were awesome.

Indiana Jones 4 trailer
Count me in.


7 thoughts on “Wednesday roundup

  1. I saw the trailer this weekend while taking my younger son to see “The Spiderwick Chronicles” (which was surprisingly good, even though Freddie Highmore has lost some of his charm as he’s gotten older)… Addison, who’s 13, is so pumped for this movie to come out. He’s a big Star Wars freak (like Billy) but also loves the action/adventure… I saw the original Indiana Jones when it came out in theaters and it blew me away. My favorite in the trilogy is the third installment, “The Last Crusade,” with Sean Connery and River Phoenix…this could be as good.

  2. Don’t worry, it’s probably a better-suited name. We had an actual tractor-cade, where FFA students paraded their John Deere and International tractors for show. I did not partake.

  3. You’re running down Sanford barbecue??? Them’s fightin’ words.

    The best barbecue in the Triangle is either Allen & Sons in Hillsborough (or Pittsboro) or The Bar-b-q Joint in Chapel Hill. As for Durham, Bullock’s is by far the tops. Family style, baby!!!

    But the Q Shack is good, too.

    I saw at FYE in Streets of Southpoint that you can get the entire Indiana Jones box set for $50. I almost bought it, but then I remembered I was broke.

  4. We’re BIG Bullock’s fans. Never been to the Q Shack, but there’s one at North Hills in Raleigh, FWIW. And though it is not chic to say so, I find that Smithfield’s BBQ is consistently good.

    Nothin’ beats Wilbur’s, though.

  5. Little known fact, there, Normie: Mrs. BBE and I used to live in the City of Medicine during my second year in law school. I actually worked in the DAs office under (way under) then-DA Jim Hardin and Mike Nifong, helping out in District Court. We had a gang fight break out one day. It was sickening. I also remember going into the courthouse one wintry day and the private contract security guard waved in a young man in VERY baggy clothes who had just set off the metal detector. “Go ahead?! Go AHEAD?! What do you mean ‘GO AHEAD’!” “Search him, frisk him, pat him down, wave a wand over him for crying out loud.” I prayed all day that I wouldn’t get shot. While I was in undergrad at Carolina, I went to the last Bulls game at the old Durham Athletic Park. Twice. They unexpectedly had to come back another season because the DBAP wasn’t finished on time. The old park, made famous in ‘Bull Durham’ was a really great, quaint place to watch a game. (Eat or use the restroom…not so much.) I enjoy the new DBAP’s facilities immensely. It is very family friendly. And if your wife works at a pharmaceutical company with a private box, all the better. While Emily worked at Glaxo, we lived downstairs from Julius Peppers in an apartment in the Southpoint area of town (before there was a mall by the same name). I really like the Southpoint mall. It’s very esthetically pleasing and has all the shops we like to go to, including a Target right down the street. The girls like the fountains and the kiddie area in the food court, which has an expansive and diverse collection of restaurants. We actually had our first 5 guys experience there. That really is the best burger I’ve ever eaten. I’m really glad they opened one in Cary (near B&N across from Cary Towne Center). I’ve got the number programmed into my phone so that we can call ahead. We used to call ahead to Outback, when we can afford to go. I don’t know if it is even doing us any good anymore. What is the point of call ahead seating if you still have to wait 25 minutes after you get there? Hailey likes the Outback in Southern Pines because it’s got a little putt putt green outside. We used to go to the one on 15-501 when we lived in Durham right after we got married. I read that Durham is having more issues with the pavement, this time on 85. It really is a shame that our tax dollars can’t be spent to build quality roads or maintain the ones we already have. How long is it going to be before the 421 bypass is finished, anyway? It would have really been helpful getting over to WalMart back when we lived off McNeill Rd., although I guess we would probably still save some time if we worked our way over there from Gulf St. Well…gotta go. OUBS

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