A new favorite show …


I’m one of those losers who can’t affort cable channels like HBO, Cinemax and Showtime, so I’ve never been up on the Sopranos, Entourage and somesuch.
So I’m thankful to CBS for taking on one of Showtime’s popular shows, Dexter. I caught the first episode last night (it originally aired on Showtime in 2006), and instantly, it’s become a Top 5 favorite for me.

The gist of it: Dexter is a crime scene investigator who specializes in blood. From spatter alone, he can tell you how somebody was murdered and sometimes by whom.
But Dexter’s a messed up individual, and he moonlights as a vigilante who kills the suspected murderers who escape justice. Flashbacks to his childhood show Dexter’s always wanted to kill, and by killing the bad guys (as his dad suggests to him), he gets his fix.
The first episode finds Dexter at a crime scene where the murderer has drained all the blood from his victim. He does this to a few more victims, and Dexter starts to become infatuated with his methods.

I’d much rather watch it on Showtime, as I’m sure there were some clever edits we didn’t get to see on the CBS version. And I always laugh when somebody calls somebody a “Mother Lover” on network television.
It’s not quite up there with Lost, but it’s up there.

What stunk about the show is my wife (who’s wanted to see this much more than me) fell asleep an hour before this came on, and when I tried to wake her up, she wasn’t quite in the mood to be awake. Hopefully, she can download it.


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