Lost 4.3

Sayid shooting

The episodes are steadily getting better this season.
The third episode of Lost’s fourth season, titled “The Economist,” revealed that my favorite character of the bunch, Sayid, was the third of the Oceanic 6 (Jack and Hurley are the other two … we know Kate gets off the island, but we don’t know officially that she’s one of the six). For those of you who aren’t aware, the Oceanic 6 are the six who will eventually get off the island and return to the states as celebrities.
Click here for a full synopsis of the this week’s episode. The following is just bits and pieces.

What I liked:
• The opening scene. First, it was a beautiful golf course, which always gets me excited, and second … out of nowhere we learn Sayid is a hired killer. We’ve learned that before he got to the island, he was a torturer for the Iraqi army, but we saw his softer side on the island.
• The rest of the flash forwards. Sayid falls in love with a woman in Berlin who finds Sayid to be a mystery. Turns out, she’s the mystery.
• The question of time. One of the new guys on the island, Daniel, phones the ship and asks the crew to fire a small rocket at his position on the island. A woman from the ship tells him the rocket has arrived, but it doesn’t get there until 30 minutes later. Daniel checks the time and finds a huge disparity between the time on his watch and the clock kept in the rocket. Cue Twilight Zone music.
• The final scene. We learn Ben has left the island and is the man ordering Sayid to do the killing. All sorts of new questions are out there now. I quite literally am in love with this show.

• Sayid says, “The day I trust Ben is they day I’ve sold my soul.” on the island, but ends up working for Ben in the future. — Lostpedia
• While playing golf at the Seychelles, Sayid wore a white glove, while Mr. Avellino (his victim) wore a black one. — Lostpedia
• Elsa was wearing a bracelet similar to Naomi’s. — Mine own eyes
• Ben’s a vet back in the states. On the island, Dharma did a lot of testing on animals. — Me again


3 thoughts on “Lost 4.3

  1. My only complaint, once again… too short, and I have to wait another week 🙂

    The time dilation was a nice surprise. I didn’t measure the time between when Daniel though the payload should arrive and its actual arrival, but I would guess about 2-3 minutes. If the time dilation was 30 minutes to the outside world, that’s about a 10-15% dilation. So if they’ve been on the island about 100 days, the outside world is 10 or 15 days “ahead” by now. Interesting.

    We spotted the bracelet as well.

    I’ll have to see what the community thinks about the inscription on Naomi’s.


  2. yeah i totally agree
    to let you know, you weren’t the only one that noticed Elsa was wearing the same kind of bracelet Naomi was

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