On my iPod: Mad Season

Many who didn’t partake in the 90s “grunge” era probably have never heard of Mad Season. But there’s good chance you’ve heard of the bands Mad Season came from.
Vocalist Layne Staley, who died in 2002, came from Alice in Chains. Guitarist Mike McCready is one of the geniuses behind Pearl Jam. Drummer Barrett Martin and guest-vocalist Mark Lanegan came from Screaming Trees.
Mad SeasonTogether, this Seattle “super group” released one album, “Above,” in 1995, and the album went gold that same year. Unfortunately, drug problems with Staley and Mad Season’s bassist kept them from ever trying for a sophomore release. It’s a shame.
Mad Season had just the right blend of AIC’s somber lyrics and Pearl Jam’s strings (if you hear “Inside Job” on Pearl Jam’s latest CD, you’ll catch the similarity) … combined, it had a Queens of the Stone Age feel (well before QOTSA ever existed).
“Above” reminds me of college, of course, so it’ll always have a place in my heart. (awww). Since they had just one album, I won’t go into my Top 10 list, but I will provide a few links … The first song, “Long Gone Day,” is one of their lighter ones, almost jazzy in a way, but it shows off Staley’s vocals. The others have a little more edge to them.

Other favorites:
River of Deceit: One of the few songs that was actually a “hit” on the radio. Lyrics are typical Staley, except with a twist of positive at the end.
I don’t now anything: Catchy, very grunge.
Lifeless Dead: This one show’s off McCready’s talents. Love this song.


One thought on “On my iPod: Mad Season

  1. I tried this once already. Mad Season rocks. One album i feel you should have gave props was Temple of the Dog. The song ‘say hello to Heaven’ i think is the best song ever sang or written.It is a song about there long time friend Andrew Wood i believe was his name. The sky is his playground and the cold eath is his bed, if you know what i’m saying. Also ‘wooden jesus’. Good stuff. Maybe i never really gave radio head a chance but it hasn’t ever been music to my ears.

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