Summit or Summitt?

From our Publisher, Bill Horner III‘s site:

Chelsea Kellner’s stories (and blog entries) about the traffic issues on Gulf Street and Summit Drive are getting lots of readership, and some readers may have a question: why do we spell it “Summit” when the signs say “Summitt” – with two “t”s?
Sometimes the sign-makers get it wrong.
A few years ago, we published a picture of a signpost at the intersection of two city streets … one was Summit, but I can’t remember the other one. Both were misspelled. “Sign folks are 0-for-2″ was what the caption read ….

Click here for his full blog entry.


2 thoughts on “Summit or Summitt?

  1. Depending on who you ask, and what section of the block to which you are referring, both spellings may be correct. I know I too would personally like to find the answer settled for the entire street just out of curiosity if nothing else.

    I know that for example, Tammy Hebert has consulted some old city directories, and it appears that the 500 block was always Summitt with two T’s. Her conversations with some old time residents seem to indicate that the later McIver Park section of the neighborhood wanted to distinguish itself from the older Rosemount portion of the neighborhood with the spelling change. Or maybe it was just a clerical error. We may never know.

    However, I can only speak for the 300 block of Summit, as we live there and done a fair amount of research on the topic, and the 300 block was originally spelled with one T.

    That conclusion is based on interviews with some original neighbors, neighbors that noted the sign spelling change just about 10 years prior, and some documents(WWII ration card, Sanford Baseball Team Season Pass, etc) from the surviving daughter of the family that built our house.

    Also, I believe(but need to go look again now that I think about it) the old Sanborn Fire Maps of the Rosemount portion of the neighborhood show Summit spelled with one T.

    Unfortunately the Sanborn maps do not cover the later McIver Park section.

    However we have a two T sign at the Summit/North Gulf intersection at our block *sigh*

    And if you consult GIS, depending on how far you zoom in and out, the spelling will change *laugh*


  2. Well what ever the reason..Leave it alone as I already have my expensive personalized mailbox and other don’t go changing it up. 🙂
    Yes Al, has it right..Rosemount and McIver park spelled it differently as they were two different areas.


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