Lost Countdown: 10 hours

Added at 11:10 a.m.: USA Today gives tonight’s episode 4 stars. Review is spoiler-free.

Lost soccer girls numbers

Why in the world do I have a picture of a girls soccer team for my final Lost countdown? Well, look at the numbers. This was in the background of one of Hurley’s airport flashbacks.
They’re also the numbers on Hurley’s lottery ticket that won him millions.
They were also the numbers on the hatch in Season 1.
They were on the medicine that Desmond injects into his arm.
They were the numbers you had to enter into the hatch computer to keep the island from blowing up.
And of course, Oceanic Flight 815, combines two of those numbers.

But the numbers have never been truly “explained” on the show … it’s one of Lost’s great mysteries, and it was something fellow Lost fan Chelsea Kellner and I were discussing this morning (instead of today’s stories). Then Chelsea e-mailed me something about the numbers she got from Lostpedia (yes, Lost has its own Wikipedia site) …

“Latitude 4.815, Longitude 162.342 are the GPS coordinates that lead to a point in the Pacific Ocean on the trail from Australia to L.A. It has been revealed in The Lost Experience that these six numbers are the core values of the Valenzetti Equation, a mathematical formula designed to predict the end of humanity. The numbers in actuality are said to represent human and environmental factors in the equation (given numerical form), though their precise meaning is uncertain. The purpose of the DHARMA Initiative was to change the factors leading to humanity’s demise, which will be indicated by an alteration in at least one of the human/environmental factors – i.e. the numbers. However, in all its years of research, the Initiative failed to reach its goal. Despite much research and manipulation of the equation’s values, the end result was always the numbers.”

So, this does nothing but confuse me more. I almost prefer them to never be explained … I’d rather they were just coincidence. I do think the fact that only six people are supposed to be rescued (There are billboards asking ‘who are the Lost 6?’) goes back to the numbers, since there are, of course, six numbers.

I will stop before I start comparing the numbers to my calorie intake.

I will have my own personal recap of the Lost season premiere tomorrow, and I will encourage any Lost fans to “talkback” once the season begins.

Until then, nerd out.


2 thoughts on “Lost Countdown: 10 hours

  1. Yep can’t wait…

    I can remember staying up late one night a couple years back reading every blog, message board, and other reference cross-linked by fans trying to solve the numbers.

    My quest to find the answer actually started out with trying to figure out theories on the icons that used to show up when the hatch timer would approach its limit 🙂

    ….. but that’s how those things go. You start looking at one thing, then a tangent takes you somewhere else, then somewhere else…

    So hey, did you also used to TiVO the fake commercials, then go play the games/riddles on the websites for Hanso?

    There were tons of threads on the easter eggs and other secrets there too. But I think they ended up being just for hard-core fans, as they were pretty sparse and on the periphery of the mainstream story.


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