Lean Cuisine Paninis


*Cue commercial … and action*
(Scene: A kitchen. Standing in that kitchen is Herald Editor Billy Liggett, standing next to his microwave)
Billy: I’m a busy guy.
(Quick camera flash of Billy talking to reporters, camera back to Billy)
Billy: And as a busy guy, I don’t have time to cook a big lunch when I’m hungry. I also don’t like those greasy, messy TV dinners that provide little taste and less filler.
(Camera shows Billy holding his stomach at his desk, camera back to the kitchen)
Billy: That’s why when I want a good lunch (close up on face) quickly! (pan back) I eat Lean Cuisine paninis.
(Camera shows a panini heating up in the microwave)
Billy: Just look at that meat. And with the patented bread crisper, you won’t get a soggy sandwhich.
(Camera shows me Billy running through a field of daisies).
Billy (voice over): Because you know, sometimes … you just want to be happy.

Announcer voice: Lean Cuisine Paninis. They makes you happy.


7 thoughts on “Lean Cuisine Paninis

  1. Umm…great commercial, but you’ve got one glaring mistake. You don’t eat Lean Cuisine Paninis. You eat the regular Stouffer’s Paninis. As the person who buys your lunches at the store, I should know.

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