Brick City All-Stars

I took part in the Brick City All-Stars basketball game Saturday night at Lee County High School against the Harlem Ambassadors, a traveling basketball squad that plays charity events. The event had a good crowd, and proceeds went to Habitat for Humanity.

I’m not much of a basketball player, so I didn’t see a ton of action, but I noticed Herald reporter Gordon Anderson shooting photos at one point, so I had to get my face in the shot. (I’m a dork).


That’s Lee County Economic Director Bob Heuts getting a “uniform adjustment” from the other team before a free throw. Our team actually stayed in it close, trailing only 21-17 after one quarter, but once us scrubs got in, it was over. They ended up beating us by about 30. Not too bad, I suppose.

Below is Herald sports reporter Randy Quis and I on the bench. Randy was one of the bright spots for us, as he was one of the few who could move the ball up and down the court.

Brick City 2

There were a few memorable moments, but none of them came from me. It was great to see Heuts dancing, Tracy Carter d’ing up and local TV personality Wayne Staton try to make a lay up.

My line: 0 points, 1 assist, one fall down and one perfect spiral (I got to throw a football during the game. Don’t ask). Thanks Habitat, I hope I get an invite next year.


2 thoughts on “Brick City All-Stars

  1. Also J. R. Ingram principal Frank Thompson dancing to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” with his shorts pulled halfway down to reveal “penguin print” underwear, and Tavares Toomer’s two 3-point goals from NBA range to start the game

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