Greenway, greenway, greenway

If you’ve read my past columns, you know I’m stoked (swear, last time I’ll ever use that word) about the Endor Iron Furnace Greeway, a proposed walking/biking trail that will span seven miles from downtown Sanford to the Cumnock community.

greenway This Saturday, The Herald’s Gordon Anderson will have a feature on the progress of the greenway, but right now, we’re looking to hear from people who are looking forward to it like I am.

If you plan on using the greenway regularly (exercise, time with the kids, etc) e-mail me or Gordon or comment on our blogs (his is We want to know whether you’d use the greenway, how you’d use it, why you’re looking forward to it (or why it’s a bad idea) and if you currently use greenways in other communities in the Triangle.

I know it’s probably too cold to start thinking about hiking, but think of this as your way of getting your mind ready for the spring. Your help is appreciated.


5 thoughts on “Greenway, greenway, greenway

  1. I will be “stoked” to use it…as long as dogs are allowed!!! Honey and Miles are half the reason we enjoy those kinds of outings to begin!

  2. Why wouldn’t Honey and Miles be allowed. As long as the poopie is picked up it should be okay. I think it is a great idea – it would be nice to have a nice green area to walk the kids, dogs and heck even go alone to get away from the kids.
    We have had these in Texas and they were awesome – a side they did that interested me – was they planted native plants along the side of the greenway with plaquards stating what they were. It was an interesting thing to learn while walking.
    Bring it on we’re “stoked” too. 🙂

  3. “Stoked” here as well… coming from other communities with more greenways, greenbelts, parks, and general outdoor activities for the citizenry, we are very hopeful this will be developed to its fullest.

    It can only be a “win” for Sanford in every way, and hopefully it will also help to further showcase Sanford and Lee County’s history as the park around the furnace develops in conjunction.


  4. I think a properly maintained and well designed greenway is a benefit for anyone who enjoys exercise and the outdoors. Every city should have a budget devoted to parks and recreation for the community and this is where that money is well spent. Assuming the trail will have mostly rural (if not farm-like) views through the bulk of it I believe it would be a great escape from the business of everyday life. I look forward to taking nice walks on it with my wife and kids, especially in the spring and fall.

  5. I use these in Greensboro all the time. It’s nice when your running or biking and don’t have to worry about traffic.

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