First grade experiment: Mark Miller

This week, I began an experiment where I posted my first grade class picture — a class of 22 other kids who I haven’t seen in nearly 25 years — to see how many of them I could find or could find me. See the original post here.
As part of the experiment, I did simple Google searches on each name I had listed, typing merely their name and “Richmond Ohio.”
Only two of the students could be found by this means. I sent e-mails to both, and already, one has replied.
It’s only coincidence that the guy who’s replied was the one good friend I had in Richmond, Ohio, Mark Miller.
Mark MillerMark was in my classes all the way through the third grade, when I moved away to Georgia. He was the one kid in the class I hung out with regularly, often staying the night at his house (he had a very cool basement and better toys than I had) and he at mine. We also saved a dog once.
I saw him once, I believe, during high school after I moved to Texas and visited my grandparents in Ohio. I recall he made fun of me for saying “y’all.”
We’d lost contact since then, but it was nice to hear from him.
Mark has been a utility forester since college. They’re the professionals who manage vegetation around utility lines, poles, etc. They can identify hazardous trees, and they’re trained to do the cutting, removal and herbicide work to prevent fallen lines, etc. My younger brother does similar work and loves it.
Mark moved last summer to Sarasota, Fla. (a far cry from the winters he had in Ohio), and he’s a dedicated college football fan (I’m sorry his Buckeyes lost), and he played for Mount Union, a football powerhouse in Div. III. Mount Union went 14-0 again this year before losing the Div. III title game to UW-Whitewater.
In his e-mail, he congratulated me on my wedding from 2003 and told me he’s still “searching for the one.”
I plan on actually keeping in touch with Mark better, and I’m glad he was the first to respond.

What Mark remembers most about Richmond Elementary: I remember outdoor recess (most), playing football in the snow with Mr. Blake quarterbacking for both sides,to try to keep it fair. Mr. Allen’s Commodore 64 computer and old Mustang car.

What he remembers about me: I remember most about you, is going over to your place and playing football in your front yard and I tackled you in some dog poop. Boy your Dad was not happy when you walked in the house. I still chuckle when I think about it.

One down, 21 more to go.


2 thoughts on “First grade experiment: Mark Miller

  1. I know we made fun of your short stature in the picture the other day, but this is actually a pretty cool thing to try. Much better than losing money (the lottery) or committing one of the deadly sins (gluttony).

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