Why the Cowboys lost Sunday

I hate football sometimes.

I’d put a lot of emotion, a lot of time into the Dallas Cowboys this season, and once again, I’m the guy who’s “done” for the rest of the season after one playoff game. Needless to say, my week will be bad because of this. It’s depressing. Any of you who are big fans of a certain team know what I say.

This week, I wrote a post going in detail why the Cowboys were going to beat the Giants Sunday. I did it to prove the many out there who predicted an upset. Turns out, many knew what they were talking about.

But it wasn’t Tony Romo’s Mexico vacation or any other distraction that did Dallas in. It was a surprisingly poor gameplan.

Dallas rode a 12-1 start on having an offense that went for your throat no matter what defense you threw out there. Sunday, they “dinked and dunked” all day long. Yes, the 20-play and 16-play scoring drives were great, but this wasn’t Dallas’ M.O. this year. And their defense showed that it was not equipped to keep New York from being that quick-strike team.

I thought Romo played well, save a few bad passes. I thought Patrick Crayton’s drop in the third quarter and his inexplicably stopping his route in the end zone on 3rd-down on the game’s final drive were huge. But Crayton’s not blame either.

Truth is, Dallas is still a young team. Romo is a young quarterback. There’s still a lot of good football left in this team, and I predict many will predict them to be in the Top 5 entering next season.

Just remember, Peyton Manning lost three times in the playoffs before he ever got over the hump.

Dallas will be fine. I just hate that I have to wait another 8 months to see them again.

College basketball, anybody?


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