Tyler Hansbrough’s dunk

I’ve amazed even myself that I’m blogging about college basketball, but this has to be noted.
If you wonder why a 7-foot, 8-inch center is playing for UNC-Asheville (and not a basketball powerhouse), just watch the following video. Asheville’s giant, Kenny George, was posterized by, in my opinion, the best player in college basketball, Tyler Hansbrough (who’s a diminutive 6-10, I believe). I say he’s the best player because he’s one of the few I’ve actually seen … plus I watched him in last year’s NCAA Tournament.
No matter what happens in the NBA or NCAA the rest of the year, this will be the best dunk.


8 thoughts on “Tyler Hansbrough’s dunk

  1. I’m not really much of a sports fan, and certainly not much of a college basketball fan at all…. but I have to say this video got my attention while watching the news yesterday.

    I think the combination of the enormous Kenny George dwarfing everyone else in attendance along with his seeming total lack of enthusiasm made for one odd basketball moment.


  2. If this dunk becomes a poster somewhere, there should be an inset photo of a dejected George hanging his head. Funniest thing I’ve seen this season.

    Also, there are a few YouTube clips of George dunking pretty much on his tiptoes in different games. Unreal.

  3. I’m sorry, but you people must be retarded to not notice that Hansbrough blatantly traveled, picking up his dribble from the FREE THROW LINE!!! I could dunk on Kenny if I did that too.

  4. Kenny, will be the best player in college basketball, right now he is just shy and when he gets his confidence built up nobody will dunk on him,He has been beat down because of his size he only needs to get confidence

  5. Kenny George might end up as another Sun Ming Ming except with a much better armspan and reach. Actually, the two have almost exactly the same slow playing style; the only difference is that Sun has t-rex arms for somebody his height which doesn’t help much even though he’s over seven and a half feet tall.

  6. The only thing stopping him from dominating is himself; his sheer size puts a lot of stress on his knees which makes running the court very difficult. Plus, he missed out on nearly three years of high school ball because of his knee problems. If his knees can somehow hold up his enormous 360lb frame, then he would be able to take full advantage of his height, but right now all he is just one really big but slow player.

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