In tomorrow’s Herald: Commissioner Quiggle

I will save my thoughts on the Lee County Board of Commissioners’ choice of John Quiggle as Kirk Smith’s replacement for District 2 until Wednesday, after The Herald’s editorial on the subject is published.
The short of it is this — Quiggle was selected to the board despite the wishes of the Lee County Republican Party, which wanted former Marine Harry Undy. Did the Democratic-led board do this to stick it to the Republicans? Are they tired of Republican choices resigning (it’s happened twice now this year)?
Lots of questions.
Feel free to post your thoughts on the subject on this site, or e-mail me at to have your opinion published.


2 thoughts on “In tomorrow’s Herald: Commissioner Quiggle

  1. The local republicans hold a “convention”, yet prove that confusion and disorganization is the main outcome. Their candidate has exemplary credentials, yet the antics of the self-anointed party leader ensured that he will not be appointed by the good-ole boy democrats on the board.

    Yet with all this said, the real shame is that Brown, Lemmond, Kelly, and Reives (the real chairman) do not honor the republican nomination and choose Quiggle. The democrats could have taken the high road and accept the nomination, but chose to sink to the level (or below in my opinion) of the republicans. Quiggle, unfortunately is caught in a no-win situation. This board is stymied over politics and is paralyzed to lead this county. Let’s all hope to see an overhaul in 2008.

    The argument that the democrats were tired of the republican choices is ludicrous. They tried as hard as possible to keep Kirk Smith from being appointed.

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