Lost Season 4

OK, so I could care less about the writers’ strike currently going on … except that it may throw a giant wrench into Lost’s fourth season. From what I’ve read, about half of the episodes have been taped, but if you’re a fan like me, you know Lost can’t be taken in in segments. We need a full season, a full arc.
I hope the writers and the bigwigs get things worked out, and this is the only reason why (OK, so I’d like to see a few more episodes of the Office and a few other shows as well).
Until Season 4 begins, the show has started airing a small teaser trailer in theaters. The teaser is now appearing on YouTube, and it mixes old footage with a few new shots (including a really quick shot of Charlie, who died in Season 3).

I can’t wait.

When the season does begin, expect a breakdown of each episode to appear on my site. Yes, I’m completely nerding out over this show, but oh well. It’s my right to be a geek. Below I’ve put still clips from the teaser up with a short explanation of each … enjoy.

Still clips from teaser


We see Hurley underwater on the left and an upset Jack on the right. This may be Hurley jumping in after hearing about Charlie, possibly an unsuccessful attempt to save him. As for Jack, well, he’s always pissed, isn’t he?


On the left, a mysterious mushroom cloud, looks like pollen to me, but it’s exploding. On the right, the number 6 is flashed for a millisecond … and some have already speculated it’s the number of survivors brought back on the ship. We shall see.


In the season finale, Locke threw a knife into the back of the woman who parachuted on the island as she was about to phone the ship. Locke, who doesn’t want to leave, couldn’t bring himself to do the same to Jack, who finally reached the ship. The photo on the right looks like a dog skull to me (then again, I’m no scientist, and those are pretty big teeth) … hope it’s not Vincent.


It looks like a new Dharma shield, which means a new hatch somewhere … looks like snakes or Medusa. On the right, it may be Jennifer’s favorite character, Desmond, looking at a cow.


And my favorite shot is Charlie, who was killed in the finale. Looks like he’s talking to Hurley after taking off sunglasses. I’m sure this is a dream, or one of those weird Lost hallucinations. On the right, looks like Charlie again … but it’s probably not. It appears to be a pilot, or somesuch.


2 thoughts on “Lost Season 4

  1. As a fellow fan of Lost, I think that the delayed season and writers strike may prove to be the death knell of the show.

    Fans are fickle, as is oft said…. and although Lost has had a strong specialized fandom following, I think it lost its way(no pun intended) in the second and third seasons as story lines dragged on and on with no resolution and it became more of a soap opera than mystery/sci-fi.

    Of course the fans realize that the attraction of the show is based on its unresolved story, but most seem to agree that continued re-runs, lack of new episodes, and a sense of divergence from its scifi/fantasy/mystery roots caused some viewers to lose interest.

    I know that personally I began to care less over the last season as every other time I checked, it was a rerun, or the first half of several new episodes were painfully slow. Only a few episodes had the mystery and excitement of the first season.

    Sadly, the internet forums, Lost puzzle websites, and fake TV commercials became more entertaining than the show itself 😉

    How many times did you also pause the TiVo to catch all the URLs and hints for every fake Hanso Foundation ad? 🙂

    I also hope this coming season will be exciting, but I have some doubts that fans will come back after such a long absence and only 6 new episodes available. If the writers don’t come back soon, that may be “all she wrote” for Lost. Which would be too bad.

    Hopefully it will recapture its sense of mystery. I’ll try to remember to be there to see. But that says it all doesn’t it?


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